Sirus "Crazy" Billings

"While I eat my pork the youth of the nation rebel. My name is King and the peasants shall eat only cake. The pork shall abort my life. This is where the rebellion will begin. Starving children in the gutter, how can we make this better? I shan't be sharing, 'cause my name is King. The king does not share for what I own is what I have and nothing you own is what you lack. Life is fair when you're on top but when you're on the bottom you are shit out of luck. Here we go again, back to the top, nothing to do but starve in the dirt. You will never make it out of this world alive." ~Fabulous Whiskey Brothers lyrics.

The basics

Name: Sirus "Crazy" Billings.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Singer and lead guitar in The Fabulous Whiskey Brothers (Fame 1 - Bluegrass punk band).
Demeanor: Jester.
Theme(s): Coheed and Cambria - Here We Are Juggernaut (Current), & Against Me! - I Was A Teenage Anarchist (Before).
Tattoos: Seven dragons on his chest, and two smaller dragons over his shoulders.
Look: A pierced face is the first thing you notice: too much metal both of his ears are pierced all the way up and his eyebrows both of them all the way across. The next piercing is his nose and then he has a snake bite all of these are made out of well polished silver with a black ball in the middle. The next thing is a huge mohawk that is dyed in alternating stripes of red and black. He stands at a little over six feet tall with a long stride and a confident smile. His face beneath the ton of piercings is boyish, young and filled by the look of a man trying to find something in the life which surrounds him. He smiles often, usually from the most random things. His long fingers don't ever seem to sit still, always moving back and forth across his legs. He has a well-trimmed goatee, shaped nicely and tidy.

The band

The Fabulous Whiskey Brothers performs a mixture of classic country covers and bluegrass with a set of original songs intermingled.
The type of music



James "Psycho" O'Riley, Sirus' best friend growing up. Back-up singer, lead bass and violin.
Jackie "Stable" O'Riley, James' younger brother and Sirus' other best friend. Drummer, back-up singer and accordion player.

Known Associates

Kiyoshi Minamoto.
Xavier "X-man" Knotting.
Hailey Harvey.