Plot Requests

This page is for leaving plot or scene requests for others to claim and Storytell for you, in effort to facilitate activity. PCs involved and some detail about the desired activity are required, and when you've claimed a request, don't forget to add your name after the "Claimed by" tag. Simply edit the page to add your request.

Alternatively, this page can also be used for recruiting for PrPs you want to run and organize yourself. Just leave the "PCs" section open and add your own name after "Claimed by."

For more information on PrP, like what exactly they are, refer to Player-Run Plots.

Request Template

**Plot Title**

**PCs:** //A list of player-characters involved in the plot goes here. Oftentimes it is helpful to list the forum usernames of the players in question, for easy contact by whomever claims the plot.// 

**Synopsis:** //A pitch/summary of the plot goes here.//

**Claimed by:** //Empty till a player claims Storyteller for the plot, then their name should be added here.//

Bad Moon Rising

PCs: Hailey & Dominic (and anyone else that gets strung in).

Synopsis: With William St. Clair dead and ash his former packmates turn the city apart searching for those who could be held responsible, expecting to find something sinister and strong at the end of that long road.

Claimed by: Rosiel.

Trouble in the air
PCs: Kenny

Synopsis: Looking to do a quest of deed. Up for anything else long as it is an adventure.

Claimed by: