Player Run Plots

Player run plots (more commonly called PrP) are greatly desired. PrP is a main focus of character interaction and roleplay, with random map-encounter scenes being secondary. When we make mention of PrP, we are referring to any sort of small adventure or other IC event where 2 or more players aside from the one running the plot are actively involved and role playing in a Storyline that takes place and concludes itself over 2 or morescenes. Essentially, anything from a dungeon romp to a fabulous party could count as a PrP.

Our policy on PrP is simple, as we encourage them - players participating in such events will receive the same amount of XP as they would have if they had participated in a staff-run plot, and the player running the plot will also receive a similar amount, depending on the intricacy and quality of the story.

All these prizes can be yours, for the simple asking price: please PM any plans/ideas/dreams of plots you plan to run to the Storytellers with a basic idea for thestory and any rewards (weapons, fetishes, holy relics, occult books, evidence,stolen goods, a vehicle(s), delicious cake or anything else) for approval. Approval should take no more than 12-24 hours. You will receive contact in return giving the go ahead, or a request to revise and resubmit the plot idea with atweak or two.

When you get the go ahead and your PrP goes through, please submit the complete logs of the plot/event to moc.liamg|tcatnocnoitciftcejorp#moc.liamg|tcatnocnoitciftcejorp (please list all the characters involved, along with your own) and at the end of the week XP awards for recommendations, your Plot XP will be awarded alongside it.