Planetary Gifts

Planetary Gifts are rare within the Garou Nation; Theurges can’t readily summon the necessary spirits who teach them. Most of these Gifts can only be learned by questing to the appropriate Incarna’s realm and impressing the Incarna there. However, the following Gift is available to most Garou who are capable of summoning Star-spirits – although as always, the Star-spirits are much more impressed if the questing Garou travels to the Aetherial Realm to learn from them.

Theurge Gift

Prophetic Vision (level 3)
This Gift enables the Garou to receive a vision of the future based on the study of the night sky. The vision usually reveals itself in astrological terms (”Lu-Bat’s influence suggests an attitude of acceptance toward the events of the next several days” or ”The intervention of Shantar indicates that changes may occur rapidly in the near future.”) This Gift is taught by a Star-spirit.

System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Thenumber of successes indicates how precise a vision appearsto the character. A single success provides vague information, while three or more successes allows the revelation of specific details. Storytellres should couch their visions in symbols appropriate for the Incarna and matter at hand; the seer should have to interpret the vision rather than be spoon-fed.

Planetary Gifts

These Gifts can only come through contact with the planetary Incarnae or one of their spirit minions. Any Garou can learn any or all of these Gifts, provided she has attained a sufficient Rank to do so, however, some limitations do apply. Garou who possess the favored auspice or tribe of a particular Incarna may learn that Incarna’s Gifts at the normal cost in experience points as can Garou who are born (or experience their First Change) during the lunar month presided over by that Incarna. Other auspices and tribes must pay the experience point cost for learning the Gifts from other tribes or auspices. For example, an Ahroun of any tribe or a Get of Fenris of any auspice may learn any of Nerigal’s Gifts at the standard experience point cost. All other Garou must pay the higher price for the privilege.
Naturally, all the following Gifts are taught either by the planetary Incarna in question or by one of its direct spirit servants.

Shows favor to the Ahroun, the Get of Fenris and those of the first lunar month.

The Ice Warrior’s Gifts all pertain to combat, reflecting both his fierceness and the icy nature of his Rage.

Battlesense (level 1)
The Garou can sense the best direction from which to make an attack, taking into account the terrain of the battlefield, the numbers and placement of the enemy and the available forces at the Garou’s command or allied with her.

System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and becomes aware of the tactical factors involved in an impending battle. The Storyteller informs the player of the numbers and placement of opposing forces. The player can then use this information to her character’s advantage.

Shards of Icy Rage (level 2)
The Garou invoking this gift calls on the cold power of her Rage, converting her anger into physical ice. This ice cuts as deep as any knife, and can be hurled at her enemies in place of a normal attack.

System: The player spends a point of Rage and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The number of successes equals the number of shards that form from the crystallized Rage, up to a limit of five shards. The player makes a separate attack roll for each shard, and may direct them at more than one opponent. Each shard does three dice of aggravated damage; the range is five yards for every dot of the Garou’s Strength.
The player may only spend one point of Rage each time the Gift is used; this prohibits spending Rage to gain extra actions in the same turn as invoking the shards. Although a character may use the Gift more than once in a combat, each successive use after the first adds +1 to the difficulty roll to activate the Gift.

Nerigal’s Call to Arms (level 3)
This Gift allows the Garou to summon to her side any creatures or spirits allied to Nerigal or appropriate to the Ice Warrior. These beings, whether Nerigal’s spirit warriors or predatory animals, fight alongside the Garou for the duration of an entire battle.

System: The Garou spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). One success summons one or two creatures, additional successes increase the number of creatures or spirits that answer the summons.

Successes Number of responders
1 Up to 2
2 Up to 5
3 Up to 10
4 Up to 15
5 Everything within a 5 mile radius

Those creatures summoned serve as an army under the character’s command for an entire scene. Of course, if there are no wild predators or War-spirits of Nerigal within range, the Gift fails.

Challenge of Single Combat (level 4)
By invoking the name of the Ice Warrior and issuing a direct challenge to an enemy, the Garou can force her opponent to fight one-on-one according to the rules of fair play. The opponent can launch no surprise attacks, employ dirty tricks or accept help from comrades or Pack mates. However, the Garou using this Gift accepts the same restrictions- neither combatant can break off from the fight until one participant either concedes victory to the other or dies.

System: After the character has issued a challenge the player spends a point of Rage and rolls Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty is the target’s Willpower). A single success forces the target to forego any unfair tactics and meet the Garou in single combat as described above. No successesmeans the Gift fails while a botch inspires the target to launch an immediate attack on the character – usually with the help of the opponents friends.

Heart of the Ice Warrior (level 5)
Usually used only in the most dire circumstances, this Gift renders the Garou impervious to damage long enough to deliver a final blow to her opponent. The exertion causes the Garou to collapse, mortally wounded. Unless healed immediately, the Garou dies, having given her all in battle.

System: No roll is necessary to invoke the Gift, but the player must spend a point of Rage. The character may not dodge when invoking this Gift, but no damage levied against the Garou will impair her in any way until her attack lands – lightning strikes won’t blow her back, and blades can’t sever her limbs.
The character makes her next attack at +4 to her attack dice pool. The player may reroll any 1s rolled on this attack – they simply do not count. After delivering her attack, the character falls to Incapacitated. Unless somehow mystically healed by another using Mother’s Touch or a similar Gift or fetish (regeneration isn’t an option) within the same turn, the character dies at the end of the turn.