"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." ~Abraham Lincoln

Pentex is a multi-national megacorporation, one of the largest in the world, which is tainted by the Wyrm. It's main agenda is the spiritual, moral and environmental corruption of the world; it is the main tool on Earth of the Defiler Wyrm, and one of the most implacable foes of the Garou.

Originally an oil and mining company, Pentex is now a holding company with a long list of subsidiaries covering every industry. Its paper trails are labrynthine and its directives subtle; few Garou are aware of its true nature, and fewer still have any idea how to combat it.

Pentex has near limitless supernatural resources as well, employing Banes, Black Spiral Dancers, Fomori and, if the rumours are true, even a few Kindred in upper management positions. But while the corporation is certainly tainted, many of its operations further the Wyrm's goals without supernatural assistance through the standard practices of big business. Such schemes are perpetrated by normal humans who are "just doing their jobs", corrupted by nothing more than apathy and despair.

Pentex Subsidiaries

Ardus Enterprises

Ardus Enterprises is allegedly a waste management company. It is a subdivision of Pentex. Ardus sloppily disposes of all kinds of waste, including radioactive material. They dispose of it in the cheapest way possible and only comply with regulations if they think they'll get caught. Dumping toxic waste near water sheds and suburban communities where it can corrupt the maxium number of people is par for the course.

Autumn Health Management Systems

Avalon Incorporated

Avalon Incorporated creates toys laced with formoral that suppress creativity and self image. Also they support television programs like Action Bill, a werewolf hunter. Most employees don’t know what they are doing.

Black Dog Game Factory

Black Dog is a division of Pentex, and produces roleplaying games. They're best known for their Talespinner System games set in the Romantic-Rage setting of the World of Shadow. They effect that their games are much cooler than other RPGs, because they're not geek romps through Arthurian landscapes or nerdy interstellar politics, but set in the modern era. In truth, most of their plots and characters are lifted directly from Terry Brooks novels and Star Trek.

As the Glass Walkers fall to the Wyrm, and they follow the dictates of the Pentex Corporate Father, one of their tasks is to get published a catastrophic series of events in Black Dog's major game lines.

Black Dog Games

World of Shadow games include:

  • Revenant: The Ravishing (formerly Zombie: The Putrescence)
  • Lycanthrope: The Rapture
  • Warlock: The Pretension
  • Spectre: The Annihilation
  • Pixie: The Delusion
  • Human: The Protagonist
  • Fiend: The Pacting

Black Dog also released a "Tome of Unification" which would allow you to create your own hybrid character, assuming you'd already purchased all of the above games.

Other games:

  • Deviant
  • Celtic Filth, Revenant in the dark ages of the medieval.
  • Samurai Revenant, Revenant in the exotic lands of the East.
  • The Axes and Arcana imprint, presumably founded to publish OIL-based products.
  • Death Lord Games, a third-party which published through Black Dog.
  • Don Brenham, Warehouse Manager.
  • Trevor Chase, Creative Director.
  • Kent Cliffey, Director of Editing & Development
  • The Duke of Woe
  • André Gates
  • Rick Glumsky, Celtic Filth and Samurai Revenant developer.
  • Günter Häagen-Däaz, Black Dog founder.
  • Jeff Henning, Warlock developer.
  • Mickey Li, Fiend developer.
  • Chas McDonald, Computer Projects manager.
  • Jason O'Kelly, Revenant developer.
  • Evan Stump, Lycanthrope developer.
  • Lucinda Winters, editor.

Circinus Brands

Consolidex Worldwide

Endron International

Endron International is the largest and most profitable of the Pentex subsidiaries. It is the monolithic unstoppable super-conglomerate. It is primarily a petroleum/energy company. Endron makes fuel with additives that ruin cars and oil that leaks no matter what. Endron literally buys third world countries and bleeds the local populace and environment dry. It steals from competitors. It buys the patents for alternative energy sources and hides them from the light of day. It fails to maintain its oil tankers in an attempt to save money, causing spills everywhere. It searches for oil in odd places and comes back with something not necessarily petroleum-based.

Atlas International: "Providers for Our Future"

Good House International

Hallahan Fishing Company

Harold and Harold Mining, Incorporated

Herculean Firearms Incorporated


King Breweries and Distillers

KD doesn’t directly lace its products with formoral, but rather creates brews that get you a little drunker and act a little more destructive. King Breweries does everything in its power to increase its market share, from addictive additives to Enticer supermodels, even going so far as to create a false environmental group, AquaClear 2001. The Company buy-in to Pentex's plans for world corruption for one simple reason: if Pentex succeeds, King will be the only beer company around, and that means money.

Magadon, Incorporated

Magadon, Incorporated is a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey. It is a subsidiary of Pentex, and thus a puppet of the Wyrm, spreading taint through its products. It is the second largest subsidiary, after Endron. Magadon operates in nearly every field of medical science, from genetics to nutritional health, psychiatric therapy and even veterinary health. It also quietly works on developing biological weapons.

Their company slogan is "Magadon - Building a better you."


Magadon was founded in 1946 as Magadon Limited by retired Army doctor Bryant Vandergrift. It was originally a medical research firm specialising in ways to counter biological warfare, but between 1952 and 1956 the company bought a number of other medical firms and diversified into the production of medicines. After publicly listing stock in 1955, it expanded internationally in 1956 with the acquisition of a British cancer treatment company.

Despite its early success, Magadon was nearly bankrupt in the late 50s by several disasters, including a viral outbreak at one research facility which killed more than 400 scientists. In 1959, it was taken over by Pentex, and in the following thirty years Magadon grew to become one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Significant Projects

The Reservation Medical Network is a collection of clinics located on or near Native American reservations where, under the guise of providing government-subsidised health care, Magadon is collecting genetic information from the patients. They know Native Americans are somehow related to the Garou, and hope to slow the birth of more werewolves.

Researchers at Magadon have found a link between physical deformities and psychic ability, and the Handicapped Psychic Latency Program has been successful in boosting the number of psychic operatives available to Pentex.

Tainted Projects

While Magadon manufactures any number of tainted chemicals and drugs for specific purposes, they also have a few products produced en masse to aid in the general ascendancy of the Wyrm.

Wyrm Faux is an additive which has no effect except to make those who consume it seem tainted by the Wyrm. Magadon spreads it to heighten Garou paranoia and the possibility of unprovoked attacks on innnocents.

Bane Lures are small pellets made from the powdered bones of Black Spiral Dancers, hidden inside pills and, like Wyrm Faux, distributed randomly. Bane Lures lodge themselves in a victim's appendix and call nearby Banes to sow paranoia and fear into the population.

The "Bane-in-a-Bottle" program implants dormant Banes in victims which are awakened when the host is exposed to a chemical distributed in random Magadon products.

Specific Drugs

Magadon is also vital to Pentex for the drugs it produces for its own troops. These include:

  • Delerex Lupus-7 - makes users immune to the Delirium, though it also lowers their mental ability, sometimes permanently.
  • Anagath F45.6 - extends the user's life and is considered a wonder-drug by Pentex. Only its makers, Magadon owned Campesi Gerontological Research, know it is really a form of diluted vampire Vitae pioneered by one of the Giovanni, which also makes recipients mildly more susceptible to mind-altering Disciplines.
  • Psiphrenol - a combat drug used to enhance the psychic powers of Project Odyssey personnel.

Aesop Research Company

Panacea Pharmaceuticals

Nastrum Enterprises

Omni Television

O'Tolley's: "The Family Place"

Rainbow Incorporated

Tellus Enterprises

Tellus is the video game arm of Pentex. They specialize in super gory and desensitizing videogames. However, the most insidious aspect of Tellus is the slow constant subliminal messages of corruption that it is feeding into the fledgling minds of children.

Sunburst Enterprises International

Vesuvius Incorporated

Young and Smith, Incorporated