Mortal+ 'Numinists' are minor psychic or magical abilities held by otherwise ordinary humans, as well as various supernatural powers used by other beings that don't fall into a specific category. Numina powers currently implemented on Project Fiction may be found below, organized alphabetically.

Numina are restricted to "straight mortals" - no Demonic Thralls or Mages. However, Bystanders may apply with Numina abilities. Mortals with Numina are alotted 5 base points to spend on Numina at classing on two or more Numina abilities. All 5 points cannot be used on one ability. Numina may be purchased at a rate of 7 freebies per dot, and cost 7x current level to raise in-game with xp.

Numinists who become Pacted to a Demon lose access to all Numina abilities possessed, whether or not they were aware of what they were doing when they made the Pact - demons are wily creatures, after all, and the weight of a demonic entity owning a portion of your soul crushes the living qualities which provided you with Numina. Should the Numinist be freed of the Pact, no matter how such is accomplished, usage of his Numina abilities returns to the state they were in pre-Pact.

While most psychic abilities affect other humans, some psychics use their talents on the ‘lower’ animals. The actual method of communication may vary. Some psychics bark or growl at the animal. Others use dressage gestures, even if the animal has never even seen a trainer before. A few simply speak their native language. Animals may communicate with the psychic, though the information the relate should be limited by their intelligence and perceptions.

Animal psychics may use their power on any mammal, lizard or bird with no change in the difficulty. In fact, highly intelligent animals (dolphins, chimpanzees, gorillas) or well trained animals (dogs, horses, circus or show animals) are more susceptible to the psychic.

Roll: Charisma + Animal Ken

• Communication
The Psychic may ‘speak’ with a single animal, allowing two way communication with the beast. This communication does not give the psychic control over the animal, though misunderstandings maybe explained away. Roll diff 6.

•• Command
The Psychic can now command the animal to perform for him. The animal will not endanger itself for the psychic. However it can do any trick the psychic can adequately describe. The animal will attack for the Psychic provided the animal had some proclivity toward attacking in the first place. Roll is diff 7 (+1 for a complex command or one which the animal would not normally perform, -1 for something it would do anyways.)

••• Mass Communication
This power works like the communication power, though it now works on all animals within earshot. In addition the Psychic may communicate with multiple types of animals simultaneously. Roll diff 6, plus one for each additional species of animal in the area of communication.

•••• Mind Link
The Psychic can join his mind with that of a single animal. Once the link is established, the psychic’s and the animal’s minds are linked until the psychic drops the connection. While linked the psychic can perceive whatever the animal perceives. She can also communicate with the animal using any of the lesser communication powers, with the diff -1. The downside to the power however is if the animal is injured the mental feedback injures the psychic. For every 1 lethal the animal takes the Psychic takes 1 bashing, soakable as normal. Diff 8

••••• Domination
This ability gives the psychic total control of an animal’s mind. It will do whatever the psychic wishes even at the cost of it’s own life. Roll is diff 8 and costs 1 willpower to activate. Ex – ‘If someone attacks me, kill them.’