XP Costs

General XP Charges

General Trait XP Cost
Attribute Current rating x 4
Ability Current rating x 2
Background Current rating x2 (3xp for first dot)
New Specialty 3 (1 Free Specialty w/an Ability at 4+)
Brand new Ability 3
Virtues Current rating x 2**
Willpower Current rating
Numina Current rating x 7^

^ 10xp for the first dot.

Mage XP Charges

Mage Trait XP Cost
Specialty Sphere (Tradition based) 7x Current Level
Non-Specialty Sphere 8x Current Level
Arete (Requires Seeking) 8x Current Level
Brand new Sphere 10

Changeling XP Charges

Changeling Trait XP Cost
New Art 7 XP
Raising an Art New level x4
New Realm 5xp
Raising a Realm New level x3

Demon XP Charges

Trait Cost
New Lore 7 (10 if from a House other than the character's
Lore Current rating x5
Faith Current rating x7
Torment ^Current rating x7

^ This deceases the character's permanent Torment by one point.


  • Orphans and Hollow Ones have no Tradition-based Specialty Sphere, as they are not a member of a Tradition. For them, the cost of raising Spheres is the Current rating x8 for all Spheres. This is the unfortunate side-effect of not undertaking formal tutelage, with the advantage being the flexibility of the Orphan and Hollow One's paradigm.
  • Increasing a Virtue through experience does not increase traits based on that Virtue, eg. Willpower.