Poisons and Drugs

A poisonous or intoxicating substance introduced into the body limits your character's ability to perform — at best. At worst, it kills him. It's impossible to discuss every poison or drug that your character might be exposed to, but the list below offers ddirection on how to handle various types.

Humans can easily become addicted to a drug or might even develop and immunity to a poison. The terrible burden of recognizing evil personified is enough to drive anyone to pleasure wherever they can find it, no matter how self-destructive. Some people in the World of Darkness convince themselves that they can do their job only when drunk or high. Others are so disciplined, so focused, that they believed repeated exposure to drugs and poisons — among other abuses — makes them stronger for the resultant resistance.

  • Alcohol: You subtract one die from any Dexterity, Perception, Intelligence or Wits dice pool for every drink your character consumes within an hour. This effect fades at the rate of one die per hour until all the alcohol is purged from your character's system.
  • Marijuana: You lose one die from any Dexterity, Perception, Intelligence or Wits dice pool for every hit your character takes within an hour. This effect fades completely an hour after the last toke, unless your character continues to "medicate" himself.
  • Hallucinogens: All dice pools lose one to three dice depending on the strength of the hallucinogen. Your character may experience confusing, frightening or enraging hallucinations, although he may manage to realize that they exist in his druged mind only (Intelligence + Streetwise/Empathy, difficulty of 6, with the one to three dice penalty in place). Depending upon the nature of your character's "trip", you may actually gain dice in a pool relevant Trait that's enhanced by the experience. The effects last for (8 minus Stamina) hours.
  • Cocaine/crack/speed: Your character may experience a +1 increase in Strength or Stamina, though he also may become edgy and paranoid. The Storyteller bases the effects of the drug on the volume tha your character takes, how pure it is and your character's state of mind.
  • Heroin/morphine/barbiturates: Pain subsides, but your character enters a dreamy state for (8 minus Stamina) hours. All dice pools are reduced by two during this time.
  • Salmonella (food poisoning): Your character becomes nauseated within an hour of eating and suffers one health level of bashing damage. He loses one die from all Dexterity and Strength dice pools for (8 minus Stamina) hours.
  • Poison: The nature and strength of the poison determines how much damage your character suffers. As a general rule, your character takes from one to three levels of bashing damage per scene or even turn (depending on the intensity of the poison). The effects last and damage continues to accrue until the poison wears off or an antidote is provided. Some poisons such as acids and chemicals may deliver lethal damage if they burn the mouth, stomach or esophagus.