Ability Aptitude (2pt Merit)
You have exceptional talent with one specific non-combat ability. You have a -2 difficulty to the rolls in any situation relating to that ability.

Acute Sense (1pt Merit)
You have exceptionally sharp hearing, smell, vision or taste. The difficulties of all dice rolls that relate to the sense in question (e.g. Perception +Alertness to hear a faint noise, taste poison in food or see an oncoming attacker) are decreased by two. Combined with Auspex, this Merit can grant truly superhuman sense. This Merit can be purchased multiple times (a Cainite could have Acute Vision and Acute Taste for instance).

Adaptable Nature (2pt Merit)
You accept change easily and adapt quickly to unfamiliar situations or alien circumstance. The most bizarre things do not phase you, nor does it bother you to make sudden changes in plans or tactics. You can avoid any penalties associated with exposure to alien environments or drastic changes.

Alternate Identity (3pt Merit)
In addition to your normal identity, you’ve taken up an alternate role that allows you to run with another group or sect of vampires. This other self has a believable history and backstory that can stand up to at least cursory checks, and he is accepted at face value (more or less)** by his associates. However, you sire, Allies, Contacts, etc. don’t know you maintain this second identity, and treat this "stranger" accordingly.

Ambidextrous (1 pt Merit)
You have a high degree of off hand dexterity, and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. The normal penalty for using both hands at once to perform different tasks (such as fighting with a weapon in each hand) is a +1 difficulty for the "right" hand and a +3 difficulty for the other hand.

Animal Affinity (1pt Merit)
You've an innate understanding of and rapport with a certain type of animal, such as dogs, bats, rats, cats or wolves. Animal Ken rolls with these animals have their difficulty reduced by 2.

Approachable (1pt merit)
There's something very inviting and non-threatening about you. People find you very easy to start a conversation with. Even distrustful creatures tend to put aside their instinctive wariness of mortals in regard to you. Reduce the difficulty of any Empathy rolls involving other people by two, and by one when human-seeming monsters are concerned.