Absent-Minded (3pt Flaw)
This Flaw may not be taken with the Merit Concentration. Though you do not forget such things as Knowledges or Skills, you do forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your haven, you need to make a Wits roll or, as a last resort, spend a Willpower point.

Addiction (3pt Flaw)
You suffer from an addiction to a substance, which must now be present in the blood you drink. This can be alcohol, nicotine, hard drugs or simply adrenaline. This substance always impairs you in some fashion.

Addictions to inconsequential substances will not be allowed. This includes the popular "Addiction to Nicotine" for Kindred, as most of the adverse effects of Nicotine do not affect creatures that don't breathe or have blood circulation.

Airhead (1pt Flaw)
You're so wrapped up in your own little world, you don't have a clue about reality! Perhaps you retreat into yourself because you're afraid or avoiding a problem, but more likely, you simply arenot using your gray cells. Maybe you fall in and out of conversations and spout non sequitors. Whatever the case, people snicker at you behind your back.

Aging (3pt Flaw)
You are not as spry as you used to be; any one Physical Attribute score (your choice) must be lowered by one dot. This Flaw may be taken once per decade past the 40 year mark.

Allergic (1-3pt Flaw)
You are allergic to some substance, in a manner not unlike mortal allergies. However, you do not get hives or sneeze, but are actually incapacitated y your reaction. If the substance was in the blood you drank, the reaction will be very strong, though touch along is enough to disturb you. If it was in the blood, you will have five fewer dice on all your Dice Pools for 10 minutes. - if you just touched it, the penalty is reduced to two dice. Choose form the list below or make up the substance to which you are allergic: · Plastic: 1pt, · Alchohol:2pt, · Illegal Drugs: 2pt, · Metal: 3pt.

Amnesia (2pt Flaw)
You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. (you can, if you wish, take up five points of other Flaws without specifying what they are, and leave it to the Storyteller to detail them. Over the course of the chronicle, you and your character will slowly discover them.

Arrogant (1pt Flaw)
Whether or not you actually think you're better than others, those around you consistently feel that you have a 'holier than thou' attitude. You may phrase things sarcastically too often, or you may really believe that you are holier than most of those you interact with. In any case, you suffer a +1 diff modifier on all social rolls made to sway others of equal or lower social stature.

Arthritic (1pt Flaw)
Your joints, especially your hands, are stiff and swollen. When you attempt anything that requires a fine and careful touch such as sewing or repairing a watch, increase the difficulty of your roll by one.

Asthma (2pt Flaw)
You have Difficulty performing strenuous tasks because you cannot breathe properly. With asthma, your lungs only pull in a fraction of the air that normal lungs require. Any time that you exert yourself, you must make a Stamina roll (Difficulty 6) or be unable to perform any action on the next round while you catch your breath.

Atrophied Heart (4pt Flaw)
You have grown cold and aloof, emotionally detached from the ever-changing world around you. You certainly understand good and evil as philosophical concepts, but morality is no longer something you feel with any passion. As a result, you add 2 to the difficulty of any degeneration check and pay double the usual experience to raise Compassion/Conviction or Road.