Lore of Longing

• Read Emotion

This evocation allows the Defiler to draw a person's deep-seated emotions to the surface, allowing the demon to gain greater insight into the subject's thoughts and desires by studying her body language and expressions. The victim is completely unaware that she is being "studied" in this way. To her, it is as if the Defiler is reading her mind.

System: This evocation works on only one mortal at a time. Roll Perception + Empathy. Each success is a bonus die added to all Social rolls directed at the mortal for the duration of the scene, or until the demon switches her attention to a new victim.

Torment: Monstrous demons are more adept at drawing out a victim's dark nature and fueling it in the process. The subject comes away from an exchange entertaining thoughts she hadn't dared contemplate before. A resisted Willpower roll is made for the mortals targeted by the high-Torment effect of this evocation, with the difficulty equal to the Defiler's Torment score. If the roll fails, the mortal is driven to act on her darkest desires (making her boss pay for all the years of verbal abuse, for example, or entertaining the affair with a co-worker she's resisted for so long). The effects of this evocation last a number of days equal to the Defiler's Faith score.

•• Empathetic Response

This evocation permits the demon to read a subject's emotions and desires and react to them without thinking, molding her behavior to conform perfectly to the subject's expectations. The subject thinks the demon is everything she expected or dreamed of, banishing any suspicion, hesitation or fear.

System: Roll Manipulation + Empathy. If your total successes equal or exceed a mortal's Wits score, the mortal reacts to your character with complete trust, obeying any reasonable request your character makes. This evocation can be directed at only a single individual at a time. The effects last for the duration of the scene or until your demon turns his attention a new victim.

Torment: Monstrous demons use this evocation to inspire fear instead of affection. They mold their behavior to speak to a victim's worst fears, becoming the type of person that the mortal dreads most. If your successes equal or exceed the target's Wits, the mortal is completely intimidated by your Defiler. She takes no action against your character, and she leaves the area if at all possible. Any Intimidation rolls directed at the target are resolved with a difficulty of 4.

••• Manipulate Senses

With a touch, a Defiler can manipulate a person's nerves, enhancing perceptions and heightening sensation. The effect can be as broad or as subtle as the demon wishes, and the effects are not addictive unless the victim posses a will of iron.

System: The Defiler must be able to touch her intended target to use this evocation. Roll Intelligence + Intuition. Each success adds one bonus die to the target's Perception rolls, but by the same token, all wound penalties the target suffers are similarly increased. Demons can resist the effects of this evocation if they wish by making a resisted Willpower roll (difficulty 7). The effects of this evocation last for a number of turns equal to the Defiler's Faith score. After the effects of the evocation wear off, a Willpower roll must be made for the target. If it fails, take the number of bonus dice the evocation generated and apply them as a penalty to all the mortal's Perception rolls for the remainder of the scene. If the roll botches, this penalty is permanent. In the case of a botch, the victim is addicted to the thrill of the evocation and can regain full use of her senses only by receiving the power's effects again.

Torment: Monstrous demons use this evocation to inflict searing agony or to warp the awareness of their victims. Subtract the total number of successes achieved from the victim's Perception dice pools for a number of turns equal to the Defiler's Faith score.

•••• Obsession

This evocation allows a demon to take one of a subject's interests or desires and heighten its allure o the poin that the victim can think of nothing else. This obsession can be about another person, an idea or a project. During the War of Wrath, many Defilers used their wiles to become objects of desire to mortals, and then used this evocation create legions of fanatically loyal followers.

System: To enact this evocation, the demon must first know one of her victim's long-held interests or desires and be within a number of yards of the subject equal to her Faith rating. Spend one Faith point and roll Manipulation + Empathy. The mortal can attempt to resist the evocation's effects with a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). If your roll succeeds, the mortal's desire becomes a source of obsession. He knows no peace unless he takes reasonable steps to make his desire a reality. A Willpower roll (difficulty 7) is made for him to undertake any action that strays from his obsession, and he is not able to eat or sleep until his desire is fulfilled. This vocation lasts for a number of days equal to the Defiler's Faith score, or until the mortal succeeds in sating his obsession, whichever comes first.

Torment: Monstrous demons use this evocation to make a victim psychotically obsessive, removing all inhibitions and exaggerating the victim's need to the point of physical pain. The victim does anything within his power to fulfill his desire, no matter how destructive or dangerous it is. Failing to do so reduces all dice pools by one until the subject can make a constructive effort toward his goal.

••••• Inspire

This potent evocation literally expands a subject's consciousness, permitting him to achieve heights of insight and awareness that border on the inhuman. The subject is able to draw upon the fullness of his mental potential, but when the power fades, the return to reality can be a blow for the person's sense of self-worth.

System: Spend one Faith point and roll Intelligence + Medicine. Each success allows you to add a point to the mortal's Mental or Social Traits, up to a five-point maximum. These bonus points persist for a number of days equal to the Defiler's Faith score. When the effects of the evocation wear off, however, the mortal loses one point of Willpower permanently unless a successful Willpower roll is made (difficulty 7).

Torment: Monstrous demons use this evocation in a similar fashion, but they push the victim over the edge from genius to madness, creating talented but dangerous lunatics. The high-Torment effect of this evocation provides bonus points to Mental or Social traits and causes a temporary derangement. If the subsequent Willpower roll fails, the mortal loses a Willpower point permanently and the derangement becomes permanent.