Lore of Fundament

• Manipulate Gravity

The demon can alter the way gravity affects her body, allowing her to leap enormous distances, hang suspended in the air or plunge at her foes like a meteorite. While genuine flight is possible, it is not recommended, as the evocation lasts only a few seconds.

System: Roll Strength + Athletics. The demon can leap (or climb) up to 20 yards per success, or fall a similar distance without suffering injury. Completely canceling the effect of gravity requires a number of successes equal to the character's Stamina. Characters who defy gravity aren't weightless, per se — they are still affected by outside forces as normal. The effects of this evocation last for a single turn.

Torment: Monstrous demons who perform this evocation leave a wash of turbulence in their wake, randomly increasing or decreasing the effects of gravity on surrounding objects or people who pass within a number of yards equal to the demon's Torment score. The effects of the monster's passing are chaotic.

•• Manipulate Adhesion

The demon can affect her body's adhesion to physical objects. She can run up walls, hang from a ceiling or cling to the side of a moving car like a spider.

System: Roll Dexterity + Athletics. The difficulty is determined by the angle of the surface relative to the earth. Running up a steep slope is difficulty 6, while a vertical surface is 7. Moving along an inverted plane (like a ceiling) is difficulty 8. The character can move up to three yards along such a surface per successes rolled. The effects of this evocation last for a single turn.

Torment: When a monstrous demon performs this evocation, the surfaces with which she interacts are warped by her passing, causing them to radiate waves of intense heat and leave patterns of the demon's hands and feet on the surface. Individuals coming into contact with these surfaces in the same turn as the demon touched them suffer one level of lethal damage.

••• Manipulate Inertia

The demon can affect the inertia of anything she touches, stopping it dead or granting it near-irresistible force. She can snatch projectiles out of the air (rocks, knives, arrows, but not bullets), or throw an object farther than any human could imagine, with concussive amounts of force.

System: Roll Dexterity + Athletics. The demon can throw an object up to 30 yards per success rolled, regardless of her Strength. Snatching a projectile out of the air requires rolling a number of successes equal to or greater than the projectile's damage dice. For example, a thrown knife inflicts Strength + 1 damage. If the person throwing the knife has Strength 3, you must roll four or more successes for your character to catch the knife. Your demon has to be able to see the projectile to affect it. Rocks, knives, even arrows are possible candidates, but bullets aren't. If your demon throws a projectile at a target, each extra success achieved becomes an automatic level of damage. The effects of this evocation last for a single turn.

Torment: Items affected by a monstrous demon become inherently unstable for a period of time, creating potential for disaster for the next person who tries to use them. For a period of turns equal to the character's Torment, any item that was the focus of this evocation causes a botch on a rolled 1, 2 or 3 when used for any reason.

•••• Manipulate Acceleration

The demon can affect the acceleration of her own body, granting her supernatural speed. The more skilled the evoker, the faster they may move. Lasts only a few seconds.

System: Spend one Faith point and roll Dexterity + Athletics. Each success allows your demon to walk up to 10 yards per success per turn, 20 yards per success or run 40 yards per success per turn. If used in combat, treat these successes as automatic levels of damage for hand-to-hand, melee or ranged attacks using thrown weapons. These damage levels can be split among multiple targets if desired. The effects of this evocation last for a single turn.

Torment: The accelerations of a monstrous demon so disturbs the air around her that she is surrounded by an aura of blistering heat that radiates out a number of yards equal to her character's Torment score. Beings caught within the area of effect suffer one level of bashing damage.

••••• Manipulate Cohesion

The demon can manipulate the state of any inanimate matter she touches. She can walk on water (sound familiar?) or air or break down solid objects into their component particles.

System: The demon must be able to physically touch the matter she wishes to affect. Spend one Faith point and roll Stamina + Science. The difficulty depends on the matter involved and the degree to which it is affected. Changing water to ice or steam is difficulty 6. Increasing the cohesion of water or air to the degree that it briefly supports the demon's weight is difficulty 7. Vaporizing wood, cloth, or other low-density material is difficulty 8, while doing the same to high-density materials such as metal or stone is difficulty 9. Each success allows the demon to affect one caubic foot of matter. The effects of this evocation last for a single turn, after which the materials affected return to normal or remain in their current state if it's natural for the material in question. Living beings targeted with this effect suffer a level of lethal damage for each success gained on a roll.

Torment: Matter affected by a monstrous demon remains inherently unstable for a number of turns equal to the character's Torment, changing states at random.