Duty, strength and honor are the hallmarks of a troll. Warriors without peer, they hold to the old ways of plain speaking and simple truths. Honor is a way of living to them, and once they have pledged their support to someone, they dedicate themselves fully. Many trolls expect the same honesty from all fae, and are often disappointed as a result. In fact, many fae think of the trolls as being naive for this very reason, especially when it comes to trust. A troll's devotion is not easily dismissed, however; they're also seen as patient, reliable and chivalrous.

Trolls consider dedication to be the measure of their worth. If a trolls breaks his word or betrays a trust, he weakens until he has atoned for his offending deed. In addition trolls cannot use their great strength without just cause. Taking such an unfair advantage over an adversary would be unchivalrous, after all.

Legends tell that the trolls were actually the first noble kith; when the sidhe appeared, a great war began. The trolls lost, and as a result, swore loyalty to the sidhe. Since then, serving as guardians has been their destiny. This kith has an impressive reputation largely because of their Seelie brethren. Seelie trolls are often referred to as "giants," and their mortal seemings are usually ruggedly proud and handsome.

Bravery and stoicism define their character. Always seeking civility, they typically use formal titles when addressing others and dedicate their souls to those they respect. In romance, they are ardent suitors who go for all the courtly trimmings. In loyalty, it is nearly impossible to sway a Seelie troll's beliefs once they are established. They prefer spartan quarters and simple living; recognition of service is reward enough to them.

Yet there are limits to what a troll will endure. The mockery of a pooka or a nocker will hardly rouse a troll, but if a troll's patience is broken, she will fly into a monstrous rage, destroying everything and everyone until she calms or is taken down. Even the most foolish pooka watches closely for the darkening of a troll's visage. These fae can also be stubborn. Changing a troll's mind can be as difficult as moving a mountain.

A kingdom is safe as long as its trolls can be trusted. When a troll's lair starts to degrade, others begin to worry about his well-being. A troll's eyes begin to darken as he starts to question trust and honor. This is the beginning of a troll's descent into his Unseelie Legacy. Most trolls try to bear this temptation with epic stoicism — once the descent has begun, others will not trust him as much. If he fully acknowledges a betrayal or rejects his beliefs, his faerie mien changes, and his visage becomes hairy and coarse-featured. At this point, he is recognized as an Unseelie troll. The worst of Unseelie trolls are typically referred to as "ogres." Once Unseelie, a troll will begin to associate with disreputable fae, and the triumph of maligned villains over celebrated heroes will fill him with self-worth.

For this reason, Seelie Kithain speak highly of trolls, and acknowledge their worth among the Kithain. They're too valuable to lose to the Unseelie Court. Trolls are more than the guardians of the people and places they protect; as staunch defenders, they are also seen as guardians of the values of honor and chivalry.

Appearance: Trolls are large, ranging from seven to nine feet tall, with thick bones and weightlifters' muscles. Seelie giants carry an air of nobility; though many favor a Nordic look, they tend to have slaty blue skin and thick black hair. All trolls, however, have icy blue or pale green eyes. Trolls have large powerful jaws, wolflike teeth and small ridged horns on their foreheads.

Lifestyle: In mortal life, trolls choose honest professions where they can put their skills to use. Athletics and police work are two such callings. Their tastes are spartan, and they greatly prefer work to relaxation;.


Childlings grow up fast. They learn that the ways of children are weak, and they take on honorable duty at an early age. Childhood is something best left behind. Stoicism is embraced.

Wilders test their strength and abilities to the limit. Great adversity inspires them to great tasks. They are incredibly modest about their accomplishments, however, and are always struggling to out-do themselves.

Grumps are slower than their younger brethren, but possess superhuman strength. After a career of service, they choose one person or place to protect until the death. No force on Earth can move a greybeard troll who has made up his mind about something.

Affinity: Fae


Titan's Power — Wilders gain an additional Bruised Health Level and an additional dot of Strength during character creation, even if this raises this Trait above 5. Grumps get two extra dots in Strength and two additional Bruised Levels (for a total of nine Health Levels). However, greybeards also add +1 to the difficulty of all Dexterity-based rolls. This extra strength does not function in the presence of mortals or the unenchanted unless the troll has called upon the Wyrd.

Stubbornness — Nothing can interfere with a troll's devotion to duty. When in the service of a cause, trolls get an extra two dice to any Willpower roll to resist temptation or distraction. This Birhtright is always in effect. No troll can botch an Athletics or Alertness roll.

On Boggans — Commoners take care of the essential tasks of a freehold. Without them, where would we be?

On Eshu — Perhaps they're a bit dishonest, but they always find adventure. How I envy that!

On Nockers — Ingeniously clever, I'll admit, but you're better off ignoring their complaints.

On Pooka — Thieves. Liars. Fools. Never let one stand behind you.

On Redcaps — So much sound and fury! One solid blow and they go down bleeding.

On Satyrs — They pretend to be wise to justify a life of debauchery.

On Sidhe — They may be pompous, but they do uphold chivalry. If a sidhe is strong, you must support him. If he falls, then you must replace him.

On Sluagh — If their information is so trustworthy, why do they all have to whisper and hide?


Bond of Duty — Any troll who dares to renege on a sworn contract or oath becomes sickly and loses her Titan's Power. Only by atoning for her lapse of trust can she regain her Titan's Power. Usually this involves fulfilling a new oath. Seelie trolls never lie to fae they are protecting; Unseelie trolls uphold their bond of duty, but usually prefer to support more disreputable fae. This trust must extend both ways; if a troll's trust is betrayed, he will be filled with anger, and must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) to avoid becoming violent. Their stoicism belies great rage, perhaps one that has been with them since the Earth was young….

Quote: As long as my lord requires the service of my blade, I will stand by his side.