Wild and passionate, satyrs satisfy their lust and desires with abandon. These fae insist that wisdom is found in passion. If it's true, then satyrs are by far the wisest of the Kithain. While others may decry their earthy ways, they'll come around sooner or later for advice, a bit of support or a down-and-dirty good time.

Satyrs are well-known for their lack of restraint. A goat will cheerfully tell a redcap where he can ram his axe and then gallop away laughing his head off. Their stamina is also legendary. Whether partying, drinking or charging into battle, satyrs have definite physical advantages over their kin. Though never as beautiful as the sidhe, they never lack for lovers. They claim it is because of their open minds and bold abilities, but many changelings think the Gift of Pan has more to do with it.

Life for a satyr is not all lust and roses, though. Most satyrs enjoy solitude and scholarship. Friendship and intellectual: exercise also sustains them. They make good confidants and excellent philosophers; indeed, their mental contests can rival their drinking ones. Poetry, debate, philosophy, music these quieter pursuits fascinate them - Once the contemplation grows too extreme, however, they're eager to experience the other side of life again. Living their lives to the fullest, they'll embark on another infamous carnal spree. More often than not, they'll bring their intellectual companion along in an effort to broaden their horizons.

Although very affable, satyrs can also be quite clannish. Their kith bands, called tragos, are extended families. Friends and lovers, playmates and enemies may come and go, but tragos endure. If a satyr dies or falls to Banality, her trago holds an epic wake with endless songs and frenzied dancing. Separating a goat from her trago is almost impossible. Only the foulest of crimes could lead to exile.

Truth is nothing to them without beauty, and they have a soft spot for precious things. They are not materialistic, however; it is easier for them to collect people to play with until their amusement is satisfied. This can get rather difficult if the playmate gets attached. As good as satyrs are with ideas, feelings are a mystery to the goats.

Satyrs' passions often run unchecked because they don't know how to control them. A Seelie satyr may try to understand a jilted lover, but can never fathom the reason for her pain. An Unseelie satyr pities his lover, then freely Ravages her in service to his passion. Hither way, this can be dangerous. When the Song of Pan is playing, chaos flows freely, and the aftermath can be fatal. Answering the call of passion, satyrs follow their own wisdom.

Appearance: Satyrs are lean and furry; both sexes wear their hair long and rarely shave. Goats are shamelessly forward in their ways, and prize sensuality in all its forms. They have furry legs, cloven hooves and small horns jutting from their foreheads. What few clothes they wear are usually durable and easy to remove.

Lifestyle: Music is a common passion for goats, and making a livingty it is an ideal lifestyle. Wineries, brew pubs, bars and nightclubs attract herds of satyrs. Pushing their stamina to the limit, they work hard for all the pleasure they can get from life.


Childling satyrs are also known as "fauns." Learning the essential skills in life — like singing, music, running and wrestling — are among their primary concerns. Their musical performances are usually exquisite. Childlings have four soft tiny nubs for horns.

Wilders are the very essence of fae chaos: lecherous, rambunctious, and wild. Bat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you'll be old. Each pair of nubs grows together to form two horns. The size of a male's horns are a source of pride, as well as the brunt of numerous jokes. Six inches is about average for a male's display of virility; a female's horns are a bit smaller.

Grumps seek wisdom to escape from the sadness of their lost, youth. Although they enjoy a good drink and a spirited debate, they know their best years are behind them. When a greybeard's sorrow becomes too great, his trago takes him out for one last epic fling. The grump dies at dawn the next day. The horns of a greybeard satyr are impressively large, and they often curve back along the top of the head like a ram's.

Affinity: Fae


Gift of Pan — Dionysian revelry is high ritual to these fae. Singing, music and dance can be used to stir fae and mortals alike to the height of carnal passion. Anyone who fails a Willpower roll (difficulty 7 ) is swept away by hidden desires and the activities of the evening.

After an hour or two, the Banality of the those in the area slowly drops. Everyone involved, mortal or not, has his permanent Banality lowered by one for as long as the satyrs continue to perform. Tragos can combine their efforts to lower Banality even further. Each satyr fueling the fire can lower the revelers' temporary Banality by one more, to a minimum of 2. These effects last only for as long as the satyrs continue to entertain. Lost Banality returns at a rate of one point per hour.

Physical Prowess — All satyrs add one to their Stamina, even if this increases it above 5. This bonus is in effect at all times. When they call upon the Wyrd and take their faerie form, or when not in the presence of mortals or the unenchanted, their goat legs can carry them at shocking speeds. Each turn, they can move 25 yards + three times their Dexterity. Regardless of form, satyrs can never botch Athletics rolls.

On Boggans — They work hard, but comfort is their highest goal. I suppose that's the life they want. I don't think it's much of one.

On Eshu — Yeah, their stories are great, but their conversations are even better. Talk to one about his travels, and you'll learn a hell of a lot.

On Nockers — Their cynicism doesn't last forever, and if they get behind a task, they'll work their asses off.

On Pooka — Save for their annoying pranks, they can be useful if you know how to work with them.

On Redcaps — What a shame. They think they know passion, but they only know anarchy.

On Sidhe — I'll never understand them. One minute, they're fragile and delicate; the next, they're the greatest of heroes. How odd.

On Sluagh — Their wisdom is dark and painful. Too bad they're too entrenched in their sorrow to see the truths of life.

On Trolls — You want to see nobility? Witness the devotion and honor of a troll.


Passion's Curse — Passion has its unpleasant moments as well. Satyrs are prone to wild mood swings, especially when they're drunk. With the slightest of provocation, they may explode into a torrent of fury or a fit of weeping. Furthermore, on the rare occasions when they try to resist temptation, the difficulties for all Willpower rolls are increased by two.

Quote: Oh, yes, all wisdom is found in passion. By the way, your eyes look lovely by firelight….