Redcaps are the stuff of nightmares. These monstrous Kithain are feared for their vulgar and disgusting ways, and they revel in the terror of others. It is said that nightmares gave them form, and many Kithain believe it. Hordes of redcaps delight in taunting, insulting and just plain abusing mortals and fae alike. Originally named for their bloodstained wool caps, redcaps have always been devoted servants of the Unseelie Court. These days, wool caps are considered quaint — there are better things to do with blood. In modern times, they take any opportunity to paint the town red. ..with one substance or another. The sight of a shocking red streak of hair or a bloodstained shirt under a leather jacket is enough to disturb the staunchest of fae.

Regardless of their other affiliations, redcaps often consort with local mortal gangs dominated by their kind. While the mortals may know this gang by another name, the entourage is known to changelings as a corby. Come nightfall the corby of redcaps ravages the countryside. A corby is a traveling freak show, disturbing and unnerving the staid and sedate mortals it encounters. Spreading mayhem and destruction are its highest ideals.

Unlike trolls, redcaps don't intimidate people with brute strength. Attitude is all they need. A bad attitude is the essence of a redcap's being, and the brutal visage of his fae mien reflects this. Violent tempers and atrocious manners show diem at their worst, though few of them can back up their attitude with cleverness. Redcaps rebel against any figure of authority that can't flatter them or crush in their skulls. They see themselves as oppressed at every turn, which crudely justifies their dirty fighting, harsh retribution toward the mortal world, and violent lives as murderous thugs. If there's a redeeming quality in the black hearts of these bastards, few Seelie fae have noticed. Too bad for the Seelie.

Staunch Unseelie admire redcaps' determination. Traditional lays and songs tell of redcap heroes slaying dragons and other beasts that have threatened the fae. Not surprisingly, redcap troubadours have their own intense versions of these tales. Fierce redcap bodyguards are prized by Kithain who can earn their respect, although such masters are advised to keep healers on hand.

The appetites of redcaps rival their ferocity. Renowned for their eating prowess, redcaps often indulge in gorging contests that would make a shark vomit. Sometimes this even involves food. Some Kithain refer to them as "bulldogs" or "pit bulls," and attest that a redcap's will is as strong as his bite. Those actually bitten by redcaps shudder at the memory. In bygone days, these fae bit off body parts of their victims as trophies and wore human bones as testimonies to their ferocity. The victims of such attacks seldom survive this practice.

Seelie redcaps are rare, but they do exist. They're endangered, largely because Unseelie redcaps everywhere despise them and hunt them down. A Seelie redcap's tiresome idealistic speeches about chivalry often fills them with wrath. Heroic and steadfast, Seelie redcaps live for the thrill of chivalrous battle and to fight against impossible odds. This is the primary reason many of them are killed by roving packs of Unseelie. The lucky ones are only maimed before they descend into an Unseelie Legacy of bitterness and anger. Each corby of redcaps has its own particular idiom, and in the mortal world, each gang goes by a different name. Some prefer anachronism, living as bandits along the roads and byways. Most prefer a more modern life, roaming the streets in packs. Regardless of their preferences, redcaps make sure to let everyone know of the violence they have at their command.

Appearance: Redcaps tend toward stocky builds, with grayish, mottled skin and thick, bandy legs. Even Seelie redcaps havehorrid, bloodshot eyes, skeletal noses and rubbery, wrinkled faces. Worst of all are their ghoulish mouths, filled with yellowed, crooked, flat teeth used for grinding and ripping.

Lifestyles: The more violent the neighborhood, the more comfortable a corby of redcaps will be there. The thought of living outside a city can be chilling to some. Running a gang is a respectable job; joining a gang is sometimes a matter of survival. Those who can find time away from their corbies might work as boxers, muggers or streetwise artists.


Childling redcaps are bullies, and the tyranny of the playground is their law. Their hobbies are more sadistic than deadly. The pain of others fills them with glee.

Wilders are worse. As gangsters, vandals and malcontents, they live to ruin the lives of others, even in the simplest of ways. Body-piercing and tattooing are competitive art forms among them, and they prefer to adorn themselves with needles, chains, bolts and screws. A redcap's first piercing is a rite of passage, regardless of whether or not involves her consent.

Grumps earn the admiration of the Unseelie Court, and they demand respect with violence, arrogance and threats. Some gangbangers make the mistake of challenging these old bastards, but few survive. Their prowess in battle is truly astounding and utterly ruthless.

Affinity: Nature

On Boggans — If you ever need laundry done, go to one of them. Too bad they're so easily shocked by bloodstains.

On Eshu — You're a fool if you gamble with an eshu. They've got some great stories from the battlefield, though.

On Nockers — What a pain in the ass these guys are! Bitch, bitch, bitch. I'll give 'em something to cry about!

On Pooka — Hmmm…. Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about those traps I set.

On Satyrs — If you're looking for some strong brew or a babe, these guys will hook you up.

On Sidhe — Stay clear of the sidhe. They may look weak, but they'll turn you into sushi with their blades. And if they sick the freehold on you — sucks to be you.

On Sluagh — And they say I'm sick? Have you seen where sluagh live?

On Trolls — Tough in a fight. Dumb, but tough. Your best bet is to try to outnumber them.


Dark Appetite: Redcaps can literally eat anything. They can chew through cars and eat their way through walls. Their bulldog teeth are brutally flat and hard as steel; their digestive systems (thankfully) remain a mystery. Most prefer human or animal meat, but when hunger strikes, anything will do. We do mean anything.

As long as a redcap can put his mouth around something, he can eat it. Large objects can be chewed into smaller pieces. Digesting something particularly vile or tough (such as wood, steel, romance novels or toxic waste) requires the expenditure of a point of Glamour. Keep all arms and hands away from redcaps at all times.

Any time a redcap attempts to use this Birthright in combat, he must spend a point of Glamour, just as if he were trying to eat something not normally edible. The base damage for a redcap bite is Strength + 2 (difficulty 5). Additionally, the redcap may try to sever an opponent's limb. Severing a limb with this ability requires five successes on a Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 8), or three successes if the victim has been grappled first. This attack inflicts a minimum of three Health Levels of damage if successful, in addition to any damage rolled.

Bully Browbeat: Redcaps can intimidate anything, even imaginary or chimerical objects. The difficulties of all Intimidation rolls are reduced by one. A successful roll causes chimera to obey without question; sentient creatures can resist with Willpower rolled at a difficulty equal to the redcap's Willpower. This Birthright functions normally at all times, even in the presence of mortals or unenchanted supernaturals.


Bad Attitude: No one likes a redcap, not even other redcaps. Some noble freeholds try to ostracize or kill redcaps just on general principles. As part of this stigma, they suffer a +2 difficulty (or greater) for any roll involving a social situation other than browbeating.

Quote: You trying to start something with me? Bring it on, punk! Heh, heh, hah! I'll paint the walls with your blood!