Since the first days of the world, kuberas have been concerned with prosperity and the increase of material wealth, whether this wealth took the form of bountiful harvests or rich gemstone deposits. Since the invention of money, they have also turned their attentions to the stock market, the lottery, gambling rackets, and game shows as avenues by which they can multiply not only their own riches but those of the world around them.

The kuberas are a merry, gregarious people who enjoy sharing their gifts with those who they consider to be "deserving" at the moment. They are also fond of jokes and gossip as long as none of the jokes are on them. When this happens, the kuberas quickly lose their sense of humor. They may be merry, but they are also very proud.

Kuberas worldwide are famous for their pursuit and abundance of material comforts. They possess a natural and uninhibited love for the sensual world that few of the Inanimae can keep up with or even understand. To the kuberas, the value of something is not determined by its meaning or assigned worth, but by how readily it lends itself to the production of delight. With the exception of rare, open-minded individuals, few kuberas acknowledge that the world can mean more than the way it feels on their Husk's lips, ears, loins, or belly.

For this reason, they are often considered shallow by other Inanimae, who see the kuberas as squandering their Glamorous selves on a meaningless chain of romantic conquests, expensive furnishings, and exquisite meals that they can't actually taste. Still, something about the lifestyle of the kuberas gives them a knack for making Glamour through spending Glamour, and so their services as brokers, go-betweens, moneychangers, and Glamour-merchants are always in great demand. As members of the Empire of Seeds, kuberas are mostly gladelings, but they do not let this interfere with their pleasures. They mingle freely with the meat and are often very haughty.

Appearance: Kuberas can possess any coloring and bone structure, but can be recognized by their ears, which are universally narrow and elongated, particularly about the lobes. While kuberas can be of any build (especially in youth), most tend toward a graceful, quite erotic plumpness, most notably around the belly. This potbelly increases with age, and is prized among the kuberas as a mark of attainment — it is actually a sign that the swelling Husk is re-asserting its vegetable nature, becoming a tree. All kuberas love personal adornment and will tend to have elaborate high-fashion hairstyles, heavy or bright jewelry, and expensive clothes. Most are also experts in cosmetics and their use.

Lifestyle: Kuberas spend more time among mortals and the Kithain than any other Inanimae. They revel in all forms of sensual delights and often go so far as to find employment in the mortal world in industries that cater to their desires. It is not uncommon to find kuberas working in various facets of the adult entertainment industry.

Childlings can be a bit ponderous in their natural form, but they still love dancing and social gatherings. They are full of life and exciremenr over their newly discovered world. These spirits spend a great deal of their time mingling with the meat, promoting sensual arts like winemaking and grand cuisine and, in general, living the Glamorous life.

Wilders are gregarious, supremely confident plant-people, full of wisecracks and scams. They crave expensive food and fashionable clothes and will fund these appetites through any number of entrepreneurial or criminal schemes. They love dancing and acrobatics.

Grumps are the glue that holds extended kubera forests together. They are almost entirely rooted and, hence, occupy themselves with staying in close proximity to their trees where they can meddle from afar in the affairs of others. Many simply spend the seasons counting and recounting their assets.

Affinity: Verdage


Fertile Minds — Kuberas are able to increase the fertility or productivity of any enterprise, whether childbearing, farming or stock market dividends, as long as they themselves are not the primary beneficiary of this enterprise. The extent of this power, which can turn even a minimal starting stake into a comfortable fortune, or turn a marginal plot of land into a lush garden, lead other fae to believe that the green spirit of money itself is a child of the kuberas. Everything they touch turns to gold, sometimes literally: seeds, lottery tickets, bank accounts, raw food, soil, or generative organs. The exact effects of this Birthright are in the hands of the Storyteller and he can feel free to exact a Glamour cost for certain effects.

The Glow — Because kuberas have devoted so much of their lives to getting what they want without inhibition, they tend to possess a warm aura of indulgence satisfied, something like the pampered look of contentment shared by movie stars, exotic supermodels and millionaires. On an unconscious level, this aura signifies pleasure and good times to everyone who notices the kubera, rendering the onlooker open to seduction. Unfortunately, the Glow also makes it difficult for kuberas to drop out of the spotlight, as crowds wonder if they've seen the mysterious stranger somewhere before. The kubera gains + 2 dice on all rolls involving any kind of social activity.


Glomes — They are slow and ponderous. They do not understand the joy and excitement to be found in the meat world.
Ondines — A cool and sensual people. It is a pity that they are always in pain while in this world.
Parosemes — They understand the joy of freedom… perhaps more than any of us.
Solimonds — Dangerous beasts. They are our most dire enemies.
Mannikins — Strange creatures. They seem sad — as if they have lost something.
Kithain — They always welcome our company and we enjoy their company as well. The satyrs, especially, seem akin to us.


Counting — Numbers and counting fascinate and slightly mystify kuberas. When presented with something countable (cars in a parking lot, beans in a jar, leaves on a tree, squares in a sidewalk) and nothing better to do, they will happily occupy their time counting. This fascination grows worse the longer a kubera is in the meat world — childlings are almost entirely immune to the counting-urge but grumps are dangerously susceptible. For this reason, older kubera often employ at least one enchanted accountant to keep careful count of everything in their territories. When the counting-urge strikes, the kubera simply asks the accountant, who provides the tally and puts the urge to rest.

Quote: The world is such a new and wonderful place… so many new pleasures to sample….