Stepping Sideways

Garou have an innate ability to "reach" or "step sideways" into the spirit world. It is their birthright, and they come into intuitive possession of it immediately after their First Change. Garou step sideways by attuning themselves to the Gauntlet around them, passing through it's calcified spiritual structure, and emerging into the spirit world.

To determine the outcome of an attempt to enter the Umbra, the player rolls the character's Gnosis rating (difficulty of the area's Gauntlet). The number of successes determines how soon the Garou enters the Umbra (see below).

Pack members can choose one among them to lead them into the Umbra; this leader makes the roll for all of them (thus, it is usually the pack member with the highest Gnosis). Pack members may choose to enter individually, but they risk entering at different times or even losing one another. If the leader's roll succeeds, all the pack members arrive at the same time. If the roll botches, the entire pack becomes "caught" together (see below). All the members of the pack must be able to step sideways, and they all must be willing to follow the pack member leading them. Garou who are not a part of the pack may not be brought in with the pack, and must enter on their own. Garou with the Theurge Gift: Grasp the Beyond can take non-Garou with them into the Umbra.

To step sideways, a Garou needs to gaze into a highly reflective or shiny surface, such as a clear pool or a mirror. Garou who have learned the Theurge Gift: Pulse of the Invisible do not need to do this; they can enter at will. Even blind Garou can enter so long as they know Pulse of the Invisible.

"Caught" means that the Garou is temporarily suspended between the Realm and the Umbra. He is held fast by the Weaver's Gauntlet webs and cannot move until assisted by another Garou. Half of him is spiritual, half physical. While trapped in this state, he is subject to soul-wracking visions. This is more than dishonorable — it is dangerous. Although the Garou can neither be seen nor be attacked by physical denizens, evil spirits wander the Gauntlet looking for such trapped spirit travelers. After an hour has passed, the Garou may again try to complete the travel. If that fails, he cannot leave on his own. If he is not found and pulled through by another Garou, he will be caught forever.

Successes Shift Time
Botch "Caught"
0 Failure; may not try again for another hour
One 5 minutes
Two 30 seconds
Three+ Instant