Renown Awards Charts
Activity Glory Honor Wisdom
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 3
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 1 3
Ending a threat without serious harm to any Garou 5
Surviving an Incapacitating wound 2
Surviving any toxic waste attack 2
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid -3
Attacking a minion of the Wyrm without regard to personal safety 3
Defeating a minor minion of the Wyrm (a Kalus, a Bane-infested animal, a neonate vampire0 2
Defeating an average minion of the Wyrm (a Blight Child, a fomor, an average vampire) 3
Defeating a strong minion of the Wyrm (a Psychomachiae, a Black Spiral Dancer, an ancillae vampire) 5
Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm (a Nexus Crawler, an elder vampire) 7
…destroying or killing the minion +1
…without a single other Garou being hurt +1
…without being damaged or hurt in the process +1
…the minion(s) were armed with silver weapons +1