Werewolves' howls are their most powerful and evocative means of expression. By howling, Garou may condense enormous amounts of information into a few notes. Mastering the howls is the life's work of a Moon Dancer (much to the irritation of her sharp-eared friends if she is less than gifted).

Howls are usually begun by one Garou, but often joined by others. Regardless of which howl is employed, harmony is disdained and cacophony is actively sought. When two Garou hit the same note, one instinctively alters pitch, thereby retaining the sought-after discord. The pack uses such tactics to make it seem larger than it is, and foes are thereby intimidated.

There are many howls, here are a few of the more common ones:

  • Anthem of War - to summon or rally the troops (proud energetic howls).
  • Call for Succor - to get aid (bark of a lost puppy).
  • Call to Hunt - To alert others to the position of pray (low ululation).
  • Chant of Challenge - To incite a fight, used by the initiator of a challenge (barks and growls of self-praise, and aimed insults).
  • Curse of Ignominy - To mock those who have fallen from favor (snarling whine).
  • Dirge for the Fallen - A requiem for the honored dead (somber, low-pitched, drawn-out howl).
  • Howl of Introduction - Used when enering the area of another Garou, pack or sept; to let others know that you wish for permission to enter and intend no harm (warbling howl mixed with barks).
  • Howl of the Moot - Used to open and close a Moot (a long howl of strength)
  • Howl for the Wolf - Used in the Moot to mourn the dying wolf-Kin (a sombre howl, starting out at mid-pitch and then moving to a low pitch)
  • Howl for the Bone - Used in the Moot to open the Cracking the Bone (a high keening howl, ending in a jagged note)
  • Snarl of Precedence - This is howled by a Garou who wishes to go one-on-one with a foe (closed-teeth howl).
  • Song of Mockery - The Garou version of the "finger", added to any other howl (particularly annoying pitch parody).
  • Symphony of the Abyss - Used by Black Spiral Dancers when hunting to terrify foes (reverberating, mad whine).
  • Time for Tales - Used to signal the Stories and Songs portion of the moot (a drawn out howl, starting at the highest range and running to the lowest range)
  • Wail of Foreboding - General danger signal, often used to warn of natural disasters (wailing, rolling howl).
  • Warning of the Wyrm's Approach - (very sharply pitched howl, emitted in a series of brief staccato bursts).