Directions and Maps

All directions are assume you have already traveled "down" from recall.

The Garden District

Mostly residential homes.
Foundation House of New Orleans - 2w
The Commander's Palace Restaurant - 3w
Lafeyette Cemetery - 5w, s
Tulane University campus - 5w, 5n
The Gatsby - 5w, 5n, w
Sisters of Saint John Hospice - 4w, 4n, e

The French Quarter

North/South streets

Canal Street

Mons Venus Jazz Club - n, w
The Adrenochrome - 5n, w
Celestial Bodies Gentleman's Club - 6n, w
Bambu Asian Grille & Sushi Bar - 7n, e
Motel 6 on Canal - 7n, w
LSU Medical Center - 8n, 3w
Pentex Corporate Headquarters - s, e
Harrah's Casino - s, w
Juan Soliz and Associates - 3s, w
Audubon Nature Institute - 6s

Toulouse Street

The Dungeon - 3e, n, w
Black Lotus Tattoo Parlor - 3e, n, e
Club Hemlock - 3e, 3n, w
Office space - 3e, 5n, e
O'Flaherty's - 3e, 3s, w

Ursulines Street

A Novel Thought - 8e, 3s, w

Esplande Street

Gallier House - 11e, n, e
7-11 convenience store - 11e, s, w
The French Market - 11e, 4s

Elysian Fields

Musee d'Art - 14e, n, e
Ambassador Hotel - 14e, 5n, e
Menoit plantation home - 14e, 7n, e
Galatoire's creole restaurant - 14, s, e

East/West streets

North Rampart Street

Saengar Theater - 8n, e, s
Claude Bean's Body Shop - 8n, 2e, n
Pay-to-Park - 8n, 2e, s
Pawn shop - 8n, 3e, n
Louis Armstrong Park - 8n, 5e, 2n, e
Louis No. 1 Cemetery - 8n, 5e, 2n, w
Eight Days of Luke Mortuary - 8n, 6e, s
Lamplighter Bar - 8n, 10e, s
1-10 Interstate entrance - 8n 11e, n

Burgundy Street

6n. All residential.

Dauphin Street

Hermann-Grima House - 4n, e
Bits and Bytes - 4n, 4e, n
The Eclectic Attic Bakery - 4n, 4e, s
Port of Call - 4n, 10e, s

Bourbon Street

Krystal Burger - 2n, e, s
Little Darlings - 2n, 2e, n
Funky Pirate Bar and Patio - 2n, 4e, n
Sam's Roadhouse - 2n, 5e, n
The Rawhide Bar - 2n, 5e, s, w
Preservation Hall - 2n, 5e, 2s, w
Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo - 2n, 6e, n
Johnny White's - 2n, 6e, s
Laffite's Blacksmith Shop - 2n, 7e, n
Emporium of Wonders - 2n, 14e, s

Royal Street

Harding's PI - e, n
Hope and Faith Health Center - e, s
NOPD - 2e, s
Galleria Lafeyette - 4e, n
Royal Street Bed and Breakfast - 5e, s
Maspero's Exchange and Cafe - 5e, n
Frais Minois Ballroom - 6e, s
Blue Cypress Books - 6e, n
Rocky's Pizzaria - 7e, n
Z'Otz Coffee and Tea House - 10e, s
Gallier House - 12e, n (and 14e, n)

Chartres Street

Saint Sophia Cathedral - 2s, 5e, n

Decatur Street

House of Blues - 4s, e, n
Mississippi boardwalk - 4s, e, s (also 4s, 3e, s, and 4s, 8e, s)
Starlight Express Pub - 4s, 2e, s
Canal Place Shopping Center - 5s, e
Gargoyle's Clothing - 4s, 7e, n
Whirling Dervish - 4s, 8e, n
Angeli's Restaurant - 4s, 9e, n
Rings of Desire - 4s, 9e, s
French Market - 4s, 11e
Jackson Square - 4s, 4e

Quick maps of Jackson Square & the French Market

        c   e
        |   |
    W - J - M
    |   |   |
f - W - J - M
    |   |   |
    J - J - J

J - Jackson Square
W - Pirate's Alley - Wilkonson
f - Faulkner's House of Books
c - Saint Louis Cathedral
e - Enchanted Moon
c - Cafe du Monde
    m       E
    |       |
D - F - F - F

D - Decatur Street entrance
E - Esplande/Elysian Fields Avenue entrance
F - French Market
m - Molly's at the Market

City Outskirts

Off the interstates

On the lakefront - 8n, 11e, 4n
The swamplands - 8n, 11e, n, 3e
Crawdad Cafe - 8n, 11e, n, e, s
New Orleans Six Flags - 8n, 11e, n, e, s, e, 2n
Dojo of Shaolin Do - 8n, 11e, n, 3e, n, 2e
Chevron - 8n, 11e, n, 2e, s, e
The Diner - 8n, 11e, n, 2e, 2s

Plantation Road

Old slave quarters - 8n, 11e, n, 2w, 2s, 2w, 2n
Etienne plantation - 8n, 11e, n, 2w, 2s, 4w, n
Etienne family cemetery - 8n, 11e, n, 2w, 2s, 4w, n, w

Dirt road through the swampland

Order of Hermes Chantry - 8n, 11e, n, 2w, 2s, 3w, 2s, w, s, 4e, s, e

The warehouse district

Riverwalk Mall - 2w, 7s, w
New Orleans Airport - 2w, 8s
Central Autoworks - 2w, 5s, w, n
Meat packing plant - 2w, 5s, 2w, n
Abandoned warehouse - 2w, 5s, 2w, s
Abandoned parking garage - 2w, 5s, 3w, s
Warehouse - 2w, 5s, 3w, n
Warehouse - 2w, 5s, 4w, s
Storage space - 2w, 5s, 5w, n
Warehouse - 2w, 5s, 5w, s