Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you'd like answered here, please feel free to add it and somebody will respond as soon as possible.

For questions specific to classing, check out the Classing FAQ.

Q - What year is the game setting? How does Dramatic Time work?

A - Project Fiction is set in 2003. (See this link for an explanation of why we moved up two years).

Generally, we ignore such concerns as travel time and other mundane interludes that would be skipped over at the game table. As a rule, you can ignore the difficulties of coordinating travel and its time requirements, with RP - if your character was last spotted on one side of town and a scene's happening on the other, no one's going to ask how you crossed the miles between the two. Other time requirements are slightly more stringent.

No more than a season of time in-character passes per real life month, and usually no less. This is generally only important for long term projects, but it could conceivably become important if, for example, the United States erupted in to bloody civil war, and every season that passed meant new information on gains and conflicts.

Q - Can player-characters be permanently killed?

A - Yes. Death is a common theme in the World of Darkness for all Spheres. However, despite that death is an ever present factor, the MU* is roleplay enforced. PC death should be fairly rare.

In the event that one of your characters dies, you can transfer 1/2 their total XP (unspent, rounded up) to your next character of that type - i.e., the XP of your dead mortal can only be used for your next mortal, the XP of your dead Mage can only be used for your next Mage, and so on.

You can also retire a character before their death to use them for XP. This removes them from play, permanently. Sometimes, with the player's consent, a retired character might become an NPC.

Q - How can I get something added to the grid?

A - Characters with a place to live or linger, be it a hole in the ground or a penthouse suite, may send in the descriptions for their homes to moc.liamg|tcatnocnoitciftcejorp#moc.liamg|tcatnocnoitciftcejorp. The resources of the character will usually give a basic idea of how many rooms the home should be, but if you have a sweet idea for a sewer-tunnel abode that's some 20 rooms, we have no problem with it. Just use your judgement and do whatever is applicable for your character.

In addition, characters staying at an NPC's home (Allies of theirs, family, contacts, or even some random NPC acquaintance they've decided to toss into their roleplay) need only describe the home and send it in. The more detailed and personal the map, the better, so don't hesitate to desc up the box you're living in as a Bonegnawer.

Details on security measures in homes should be detailed for your character's protection, as if we don't know he has a security camera in his entry hall, we can't really say after-the-fact to somebody that has broken in that they were caught on camera after all.

There is no minimum number of hours required for a player to make a building request, and the location desired need not be a personal residence. If you think you'd like to roleplay somewhere particular and it's not on the grid, send in the descriptions and we'll add it in.

Q - Why are some Merits and Flaws disallowed?

A - Some merits and flaws may be restricted due to their popularity, for balance purposes or for other reasons. For one example - If ten characters already have the Bruiser flaw, we will be unlikely to class another character with it. We ask that players please be patient with the Staff in regards to overpopulated merits/flaws, as we are unwilling to refuse a player a merit or flaw when it is necessary for their concept unless it's truly overpopulated. All restricted merits and flaws are subject to change, however, and if a concept simply will not work without one, we'll do all we can to remedy the problem, even if that means allowing the merit or flaw.

Q - If X player's character slights me ICly, can I react against their player OOCly?

A - We believe that it is unacceptable and immature behavior to respond to in-character actions with out-of-character actions. If you conflict with another player character and respond by being hostile to the player, that's not okay and it's going to get you in trouble if they report it. If you have problems with how a plot is going, be a reasonable person and work it out with those involved. The staff is available if a conflict needs mediation.

Q - How do I gain XP?

A - By earning recommendations from other players (and Storytellers) for good roleplay. Once a week the Admin reads the recommendations and awards 1-2 XP per rec. The top 3 recommendations are used to award xp. Truly groundbreaking poses or scene-sets may receive an additional xp. Character journals are another way to gain xp, at 1xp per week the journal is active.

Q - Are the mortals on PF able to clearly recall what they see of the supernatural? Are they normal humans, or Bystanders?

A - All mortal characters with a Willpower of 5 or more are considered Bystander mortals regardless of concept; that is, they are capable of clearly recalling blatant supernatural activity and other unnatural things they witness or experience (Crinos Garou do not fall under this blanket — all mortals are subject to the Delirium rules).

Mortals with Willpower ratings of 4 or less are your everyday run of the mill humans who will attempt to rationalize away or utterly erase the memory of the things listed above.

We welcome both types of mortal characters - it's your Willpower that determines which category you fall into.

Q - Can mortal characters Awaken in-game? How other characters?

A - Yes. Mortal characters may Awaken. Mortals, Kinfolk, and Bystander mortals may all Awaken. Garou, Demons, and Demonic Thralls may not Awaken.

Q - Is MUD-sex allowed on Project Fiction?

A - We aren't going to police whether or not our consenting adult players are writing sex scenes with one another. However, we highly encourage all sexual activity on our grid to be a direct result of IC activity, and make sense for the characters involved. Though we don't forbid or even particularly look down upon MUD-sex, we highly prefer that it not be submitted for pose recommendations.