Creating A Character

The basics of character creation are found on the MU* itself. Log in and follow the instructions on screen. A good idea before you get started, though, is to check out the forums. Clicking here will take you to the House Rules where you can find details on applications.

Step 1 – Attributes

Strength________o Charisma________o Perception______o
Dexterity_______o Manipulation____o Intelligence____o
Stamina_________o Appearance______o Wits____________o

Select a primary and secondary type of attribute. You get seven dots in your primary attribute, five in your secondary, and three in your tertiary. You get one free dot in each attribute. For more details on each, click here.

Step 2 – Abilities

Alertness________Animal Ken_________Academics 

Choose a primary and secondary set of abilities. You will get 13 dots in your primary, nine in your secondary, and five in your tertiary. No one ability can be raised above three dots yet. For more information on each, click here. Unlike Attributes, you do not begin with dots in Abilities.

You will now be logged into the mud. Once again, follow the instructions on screen to create your descriptions. Now is also a good time to ask any immediate questions via the OOC or request channels and to meet your fellow players.

Step 3 – Fleshing out your character

This guide uses a standard mortal template and point spread. Templates for all applications, however, can be found [http://templatelink], on the forums.


Place dots in your virtues. Each virtue begins with one free dot, and you get to allocate seven additional dots as you choose.

Conscience_____o Self-Control_____o Courage _____o

Virtues are rated on a scale of 1-5 and you have one dot to start with in each one. You may have a 5 in one of these. A character's starting Willpower is equal to their Courage rating. Thus, mortals may start with a maximum of 5 in Willpower before adding any Freebie points.

Nature & Demeanour

Add a more personal touch to your character by choosing a nature and demeanour. This will dictate how your character behaves, and help you to get a feel for your concept and roleplay. Your Nature is who you truly are, while your Demeanor is the face you present to the outside world. A detailed list can be found here.


Choose your backgrounds. You get five dots in backgrounds of your choice with no limits except character (for example, a beggar would not have dots in resources). Find the full list of possible backgrounds here.

Please include the allocation of these points on your application.

Merits & Flaws

As a Mortal, you begin with a base of 21 Freebie points. Merits and Flaws offer an opportunity for creativity and depth with your character, as well as some advantages. Click here for the full list of merits, and here for a full list of Flaws..

Notice that each has a points value. Spending points on Flaws increases your Freebie points by a maximum of 7, while Merits subtract from the total. Some Merits and Flaws are banned or restricted, so be sure to check. The list of these can be found on the N-Z page.

Please include the allocation of these points on your application.


This is where you should note any languages other than your native tongue. The number of languages you may learn increass based on the number of dots taken in Linguistics:

o - 1 additional language
oo - 2 additional languages
ooo - 4 additional languages
oooo - 8 additional languages
ooooo - 16 additional languages


Spend your remaining freebie points. You can spend a single dot to get a point in any background, in humanity, or in willpower, two dots to raise a virtue or an ability, and five dots to raise an attribute. (See Freebie Costs.)

Please include the allocation of these points on your application.
Eg. +1 Strength: 5pts

Background Story

This can be anything from a short story to a bulletpoint timeline. It should give a definite feel of your concept and cover the Traits you have taken. Quality rather than quantity!

Good luck and welcome to PF! We look forward to seeing you in game.
-the Staff and Players

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