The Men in Black; Conclusion (MtA)

Featured Characters: Minamoto Kiyoshi, Hailey Harvey, Deacon White, Sirus Billings, Alaric (NPC), Dominic Morgan.
From the Perspective of: The Storyteller.


The meeting place - a vast and crumbling cathedral buried in the more forgotten bowels of the French Quarter - is cold and desolate, emptied even of vermin come one in the morning. The broad old door lies off its hinges, coated with layers of dust and a lace of cobwebs glistening with dew. There is no light in the cathedral save what muted moonlight manages to sink in through the old colored-glass window above the dais; even that grey illumination is dim at best, just enough to keep the wayward meeting from falling under complete darkness. The great clock in Jackson Square lies a mile away, yet the chimes of one hour past midnight still manage to permeate, gonging once and reverberating through all of the Quarter. Sitting on one of the molded pews is a man with long dark hair drawn back into a simple elastic, his clothing dark and face wan. He waits with his hands cradled in his lap.

Not long after the clock strikes one a man enters the cathedral. He is African American and tall, dressed in simple dark clothing which makes him look both ready for secrecy after midnight and for a monday morning trip to a coffee shop. A pair of unreflective sunglasses cover his eyes, making him difficult to describe. He enters the meeting place boldly yet not flamboyantly, and upon seeing the man already there he directs his tread in that direction. He stops before the wan-faced fellow and smiles very slightly. "Good to finally meet you face to face, Alaric." Is said in a cool, collected tone.

The monk quietly steps through the doorway, immediately moving along a shadowed wall. His back just an inch away, he walks softly and slowly attempting to make no noise. He stops momentarily, watching the two men gathered around a pew. He watches as closely as possible, since he has no idea who these two figures are.

Arriving on foot in a set of dark clothing, a head whose hair has been covered by a black paisely kerchief sticks through the opening in the doorway, followed soon by a clambering female figure trying to get around the broken door. She manages it, but it's not exactly stealthy. Her posture rights itself as she steps onto the center aisle, and she strides down it to the front of the cathedral proper, raising her palm to the african american and sparing a simple, curt upnod for the dark-haired man on the pew. Her face is very pale, moreso than on most other occasions; she walked right by the monk without noticing him, putting her ever so perceptive talents to no special work. "Hey," she greets, standing still for no more than a half second at a time. "Right. Who all's here? Who's missing? Kiyoshi? We need Kiyoshi." She sounds as anxious as she looks, and her eyes keep darting to the doorway.

The dark-haired man rises to his feet when Deacon enters, bowing in an altogether dramatic fashion. "I'm honored," he says, and is paused before he can continue by the arrival of Hailey Harvey. His brows slightly lower, and he returns her nod with a sullen smile. "Four of us? Is that our total number?"

When the asian man enters the Cathedral the black man turns around slowly to take him in. One hand absently moves to his pocket, but it doesn't quite dip in. "Are you with Miss Harvey?" He utters, sounding steady and calm. When Miss Harvey actually arrives he points a single finger to the stranger, obviously intending for her to check out who the man is herself. For the moment he ignores what anybody else says.

Upon seeing Hailey approach the two men, and being pointed out, Kiyoshi moves from the shadows moving closer to the group gathered. Once but a few feet away, the monk bows deeply to them all. "Konichiwa," is heard from under the clothe covering. His usual orange and grey has been replaced with black. More of a Zen Buddhist's look. He then looks to Hailey as the clothe covering his face moves and his eyes light up a bit. "So we are all that have come tonight?" He then turns looking over the other two men.

After whirling around to note the monk who has, for the second time in two nights, completely managed to evade her notice, the blonde's face relaxes. "Yeah, that's him," she answers to Deacon. "That's Kiyoshi. Don't mind the get-up, he's a monk not a cosplayer." She staunchly avoids making eye-contact with the dark-haired man, choosing instead to glance between the monk and the one who spotted him. "This is it," she says flatly. "I'm sorry. I couldn't find anyone else. I've got somebody trustworthy on call, but he's not one of us - Kiyo knows him: Skyler. We probably don't wanna do that. There's one more possible solution, but I don't want to touch that unless it's absolutely necessary. So. Yeah. I guess this is it." She hesitates, breath stilling, before she lets loose a quick laugh. "So what now, do we do one of those 'teaaam/work/!' high-fives and just get to it?"

The dark-haired man's smirk sours and he turns his attention to Deacon, simply awaiting instruction.

"I have two of my men outside, but they're not going to be entering with us. They will be ready for our escape. I could have more on call, but less is more in this situation; we're not fighting our way in. Our aim is to get in and out without being seen by anybody." The hand near to his pocket relaxes and he attains a comfortably self-assured posture. "Okay, the plan of action is simple. I will disable security from outside the building. Shortly thereafter we will split into two groups. Alaric and myself will head immediately to the nearest computer terminal, where I will enter their electronic archives and erase everything pertaining to every Magus on record. Hailey and Kiyoshi - I apologise if I miss-pronounced - will head directly to Physical Archives, which is on basement level one. Understood?"

The monk continues looking over the two men, awaiting what exactly is to be done. "I am pretty sure of what my purpose is here." A small laugh can be heard from the monk. His eyes falling to Deacon as the dark-haired man's attention is noticeably on Deacon. He then listens intently as the African-American man speaks. Once he has finished what he has to say, the monk nods in confirmation, "I do."

Nodding quickly, the blonde's eyes continuously shift from the door to Deacon's face. "Understood," she replies, shoving her hands as deep into her pockets as her pants allow.

"Naturally," Alaric retorts with an intone of irritation, as though it should have been assumed that he of all the gathered understood. He steps to Deacon's side, separating the two groups already. "Shall Miss Harvey and Mister Kiyoshi meet us there?"

"They will meet us after they are finished and not before. You are to enter via the employee entrance in the rear of the building. We will enter five minutes after you, therefore reducing the chance of a complete failure should one of our parties be captured." He reaches into his pocket finally and withdraws an extremely sophistocated cellular phone. He doesn't push a single button, but when he presses it to the side of his head it lights up and he begins to talk. "It's go time." He says into the phone before lowering it into his pocket. "You two get going. You'll know the security is down if the flood lights do not turn on when you approach the door. It should push open easily. Good luck."

The monk looks to Hailey, "I hope you know how to get there." The monk shifts his weight slightly, and pops his neck. "Because I have no idea where we are going." He then turns to the other to men with a nod. "Good luck to you both."

Without speaking a word to add to wishes of good luck, the blonde moves through the doorway and stops for a moment on the curb, breathing a little rapidly. "We can walk from here," she murmurs to the monk, and links her arm around his elbow before setting off down the sidewalk. Four or five blocks later they arrive at a squat, somewhat old-fashioned looking skycraper where Decatur Street fades into Elysian Fields. The architecture screams' 1970s', and the building - though very tall - would be difficult to notice if one weren't specifically looking for it. She releases the monk's arm after guiding him on an apparently casual stroll right past the building. The restaurant to the right of the skyscraper has a large parking lot, and she turns into that. "We can get to the employee entrance through here, and it'll look a lot less suspicious."

The dark-haired man watches the backs of Hailey and Kiyoshi until they are out of view, then turns with a pointed whip of his coattails to face Deacon. His thin mouth grows thinner as he stares at the man, waiting for him to do the job for both of them with overt expectation.

Before the pair have left completely, Deacon speaks to them. "We meet outside the employee entrance, where we enter, once we're done. It's safer than waiting inside." With that he nods to Alaric and makes for the exit. Outside there is a nondescript, mid-range sedan. He opens the door and enters, allowing Alaric to enter behind him. Inside there are two people, an asian man with long hair and a handsome black woman. The asian man is in the drivers seat, the woman in the passenger. She hands back a small notebook computer to Deacon who promptly opens it. The screen illuminates his face as his fingers type furiously. Within a couple of minutes he snaps his fingers and smirks. "Got it. Let's go, Alaric."

The man with the dark ponytail follows in Deacon's wake, securing himself comfortably into the sedan and nodding his silent compliance.

The monk lets Hailey take the lead and follows to the lot. Once she states where the entrance is, the monk simply nods once in conformation.

The blonde heads through the adjacent parking lot to the rear of the skyscraper building and makes her way to a hole in the chainlink fence, climbing through it and turning round to wait for the monk. Assuming he follows, she casts a worried look his way and begins to advance toward the employee entrance on the rear side of the building. Before she touches the door she pulls a pair of gloves onto her hands - cheap and black - and tosses a similar pair to the monk. "Fingerprints…" she mumbles, just about incoherently. The door is then pushed gently open, and she steps inside.

The clothe covering the monk's face shifts slightly as he show her his hands, already covered by a similar pair of black gloves. He follows her through the door glancing around quickly, even trying to listen as best as his covered ears will allow him to.

The lobby is vast and tiled with brown marble. The elevator is across from the empty cylindrical receptionists desk. A few tidy potted plants are placed here and there. Every light is turned off, and the tall tinted windows provide nothing. The door to the stairwell is solid and wooden, with an unlit sign overhead reading 'EXIT'.

The blonde moves for the stairwell, assuming the elevator is turned off with the rest of the electricity in the building. She pushes the door open and peers inside, staring hard at the actual 'exit' door before shuffling toward the downward staircase. "Once we get downstairs… lets split up. Ignore everything that's locked for now, and lets open the stuff that's available. If we need to, we'll double back and checked the locked ones." She 'creeps' down the stairs, making more noise than one would think possible on a covert-type mission. Consistantly, she pauses to wait for the monk, making sure they stay within a small measure of feet of one another.

You tell Sirus 'Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you are suddenly awakened to an intense external consciousness - you are needed somewhere, to do something that everything inside you compels you to do. Without a particular choice you find yourself on your feet, heading out the door if there is one, and running toward Decatur Street. (You may resist this compulsions at any time with a WP roll)'

You osay 'At this time Deacon and Alaric arrive at the building and are beginning to head inside.'

You tell Sirus 'You are able to slow the speed of your approach, though you continue in that direction. '

The monk pauses for but a moment closing his eyes and his breathing deepening. He then opens his eyes and then quickly makes up the space that has come between Hailey and him. "Sounds good to me." He follows her down the stairway, allowing her to lead here, knowing he has no clue where to go.

The basement dramatically contrasts the lobby and stairwell, being filled with a bright and almost blinding (after being in darkness for so long) flourescent lighting. The floor is tiled in bright, clean white and the ceiling is low-hanging, lined with plastic-covered lights. There are easily thirty aisles of archives encased by wide file cabinets with deep sliding drawers, and each of the four walls are lined identically. The archives rise all the way to the ceiling, and all are unlabelled.

Meanwhile, Alaric and Deacon arrive on the location, getting into the lobby without issue. A computer is found behind the receptionist's desk, with a screensaver bouncing 'Have a good day!' across the black monitor.

Deacon and Alaric enter easily. There seems to be nobody in sight, yet even so they are careful; they tread lightly and begin their search for a computer terminal. It isn't long before one is located at the lobby desk. Deacon heads for it immediately. "Alaric, keep watch. Take any measures you have to to buy me time if we're found." He says. He sits down at the chair and cracks his knuckles through his thin leather gloves. His sunglasses are removed and he closes his eyes for a moment as if in meditation. Then, suddenly, he lunges into aggressive typing, his eyes furiously flickering about the screen. He begins to chew his lip.

You tell Sirus 'You find yourself outside a tall skyscraper on the corner of Decatur and Elysian fields, large but nondescript. You feel yourself walking toward the front doors of the lobby.'

When Hailey pulls open the basement door she immediately shields her eyes with her forearm, stopping in her tracks. When her arm moves away her eyes are tightly squinted, pupils quickly shrinking to small dots. "Christ, that's different…" she mutters to her companion. After giving herself enough time to adjust she steps inside, walking a few feet into the first aisle of archives. She glances across the many cabinet drawers, leans down and gives the first one a tug. It's locked, so she moves on to the next, continuing until she finds a drawer that is not locked. She tugs it out quickly, and begins to push through the files with trembling fingers.

Sirus replies 'can I burn a point of will to try and resist again'

You tell Sirus 'You are able to bring yourself to a complete stop outside the building.'

As Hailey takes one row, the monk takes another. Moving from cabinet to cabinet checking for unlocked cabinets. Once he finds an open one, he thumbs through carefully checking over the files with a dedicated look. His demeanor seeming determined. From time to time he peeks up and looks to the doorway, trying to make sure no one is coming in.

Sirus replies 'I'm going to look around and see if I can figure out where I'am'

You tell Sirus 'Your eye - the one capable of seeing grids, dimensions and aura colors - perceives of the skyscraper a vast, solid, impenetrable grid. Inside it bodies of gold light are moving, four in number.'

Sirus replies 'I'm going to go up and investgate those colors'

You reply to Sirus 'There are two on the ground floor of the building, and two more dim, moving about underground.'

Sirus replies 'I'm going inside'

You reply to Sirus 'I'll keep rolling your WP passively as we go. I'll tell you if you lose control again.'

Sirus replies 'kk'

You tell Sirus 'You find the front lobby doors locked.'

Sirus replies 'what are they made out of'

You reply to Sirus 'Glass.'

Sirus replies 'going to have my eye find the lock and tell me what it is made of'

You reply to Sirus 'Steel'

Sirus replies 'going to pick up a trash basket and smash in the glass'

Several files with names Hailey recognizes are found in the first archive she was able to open - among them are Xavier Knotting and Charles Easton. The monk locates a file entitled Kiyoshi Minamoto. There are literally hundreds of thousands of names neither of them recognize, and hundreds of them per cabinet drawer. Each named file has a life inside it, detailed and written by hand. Most bear the red stamp of 'Anomoly.' The monk finds in the back of his first cabinet a file with Hailey Harvey printed on the tab.

On the lobby floor a figure approaches the glass front doors, reaching for the handles and trying to pull them open. He or she is incapable of doing so. Alaric begins to creep in that direction, keeping to the shadows in such a way that makes him almost seem to disappear, even to the eyes - Deacon's - that know he is present.

The figure outside the lobby doors steps away for a moment and returns with a trash can. He throws it through the glass doors, shattering them completely. Meanwhile, at Deacon's fingertips, decades of knowledge are being erased.

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans arrives from a puff of smoke.

(Log: Rosiel: echo player sirus One of the gold energy figures is sitting behind the receptionists desk, using the computer. The lobby is completely dark.)

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans walks into the room and looks at the figure behind the desk."Are you the bastard that fucking made me fucking walk here. Who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want with me." His anger is in his voice hardcore and his rage. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!" He is still standing away from the desk where he walked in and has his fist up ready to brawl if need be.

When the trashcan smashes through the glass doors Deacon looks up from the computer, though his fingers do not cease. He stares at the arrival for a short moment before turning his eyes back to the screen before him. "Look man, whoever you are, I want nothing to do with you. I didn't 'make' you do anything, and before you come any closer let me tell you; it's in your best interest to leave right now." His fingers type at a speed fast enough to make them blurred. "Alaric." He states, not looking at the dark-haired man accompanying him. "I need more time."

The monk grabs the two files he knows, and then looks over to Hailey, "I found ours. Do you have a source of fire? We could empty them all and just pile them up and burn them." He then glances between Hailey and the exit.

With the files pinned under her arm the blonde steps back, leaving the drawer open in front of her. She glances to the monk out of the corner of her eye, and seems to have been thinking exactly what he was. "We can't leave all this here," she reiterates, sounding muted, barely over a murmur. "It isn't right. They're just like us." Her hand delves into her back pockets, searching through them and finding nothing. She finds a cheap Bic lighter in one of the pockets in her borrowed black coat, and tugs it out with an expression of both surprise and victory. "This is it," she says while shaking the lighter, giving it a couple test flicks to see if it'll light. It manages to spark one time out of three. "We're breaking protocol. I don't see another way." She looks down at the lighter in her palm, then tosses it gently toward the monk.

From the darkness beside Sirus a sleek male figure emerges dressed in varying hues of black. His dark eyes are glittering as he moves into view, and he winks at Sirus before reaching with his left hand - where a thin knife is held - to slash open his own forearm. As soon as the blood is spilled, sacrificed to his magic, the shadows in the room begin to collect and build, moving to form a vast bulb around Sirus' body. Should Sirus attempt to move outside it, he finds himself incapable of penetrating the globe. Beads of sweat bloom on Alaric's brow and his teeth grit tightly as his tie dissolves into ashen waste.

The contained punk stares with suddenly unblinking eyes at the man behind the computer. Deacon feels his mental strength dwindling, slowly creeping out of him like somebody had popped a hole into his willpower.

Deacons fingers begin to slow and a bead of sweat runs down his dark forehead. "Alaric, I need him out of action - he's doing… something. Do what you have to." His lips peel back from his teeth as they grit, indicating the growing strain within him.

The monk catches the lighter with his right hand, then stuffs the two files into his belt. "Better no chance of these surviving." He then begins to tear out files throwing them onto the floor, with only a glance at the names as he does so. He seems to be trying to pile them as best he can as he moves down the cabinets.

The monk catches the lighter with his right hand, then stuffs the two files into his belt. "Better no chance of these surviving." He then begins to yank out the drawers, throwing their contents onto the floor. He seems to be trying to pile them as best he can, and as quickly as possible, as he moves down the cabinets.

Without care for the locks on the cabinets anymore, the blonde moves from drawer to drawer and yanks them open with as much force as is needed to dislodge the locks. She dumps every drawer out, letting the files fall where they may until most of the basement - between she and the monk's work - is filled with a sea of papers and manilla folders. She is breathing heavily by the time the last drawer is unloaded. Shaking prominantly she pulls a ballpoint pen from her pocket and pulls the cap off in her teeth. Her sleeve is pushed up with a quick jerk and she begins to write on her forearm, scribbling down four sentences. The pen is shoved away and she grabs the lighter from the monk, leaning down to light a pile of folders in the furthest corner from the exit. "We're gonna have to run," she mentions to the monk, "If this works." Though she sounds a little doubtful she backpeddles toward the stairwell, and stares at the small fire in the far corner. Assuming the monk joined her in departure the flames suddenly erupt, whirling out into broad circles that rapidly devour the entire floor's contents in raging flames - the fires seem to move of their own accord, leaping where necessary to keep itself going until everything in the basement is burning. She turns and starts up the stairs at a steady jog.

The basement does indeed erupt like a wildfire, curling the corners of the old wood archive cabinets before they too bust into flame. By that time Hailey and Minamoto are well on their way up the stairs and out of harm's way, though the heat is stifling. They arrive on the lobby floor soon enough, but not before the flames catch the lower half of the stairwell and begin creeping upward.

The shadowy bulb encasing Sirus pulsates in time with Alaric's teeth as they grind within his skull; he is having difficulty maintaining it, and that much is more than visible. He is pouring sweat, with beads dripping down his jaw to fall from the tip of his chin. Sirus begins flailing wildly against the dark walls of his makeshift cage, and Alaric bellows over his shoulder to Deacon: "For fucks sake finish up! There's nothing I can do about it!" Deacon finds the programs are more difficult to wipe than the scores of documents - he comes across a particular file entitled 'Project G' that refuses to submit to deletion.

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans screams out loud and screams again."LEAVE ME ALONE LET ME CONTROL MYSELF YOU GOD DAMN BASTARDS!!!!!!!! THE TECHONARCY WON'T HAVE ME I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN LET YO UCONTROL ME FOR ANOTHER GOD DAMN SECOND." He then sits down in the air and tries to keep control of himself."I won't hurt you guys if you are with a girl who's name starts with an H I'm a friend of hers and well they made me come here and I wanted to come and try and free myself from their control. Please help me free me."

Deacon begins to mutter under his breath as if angered. Obviously something isn't going well. He continues to type, ignoring anything else going on around him, uncluding the raging punk - when he's loud /and/ when he's quiet. Eventually he closes his eyes. His closed lids twitch for several seconds, then his eyes blink open and he continues at the computer. A trickle of blood begins to dribble from each nostril, but it seems not to bother him. Then, out of nowhere his face breaks into a broad, satisfied grin and he stands from the chair, snapping his fingers once. "We're done here, Alaric. Let the man go - I can handle him now." He turns to the contained punk and dips a hand into his pocket. He draws out a very small pistol and aims it securely at him. "This looks small, friend, but believe me, you don't want to feel its bite. We might be on the same page here, but you're too erratic for me to trust, so here's how we're gonna handle it. You leave, we leave, we go on living happy lives. You in?"

The monk nods when the woman speaks. Once he sees the flames begin, he drops the visual senses effect, allowing vision to return to normal. He then follows behind Hailey as she runs, just fast enough to keep up with her. The clothe covering his face shifts slightly again, "Great work back there." As they round the upper portion of the stairs, for but a split second seeing Sirus, and the shadows moving. He then runs towards him at full speed as he rips off the clothe covering his face. The monk screams loudly attempting to draw Sirus' attention to him, "I warned you!" The monk now seems rather pissed off.

By the time the monk arrives before Sirus a misty smoke is rising from Sirus' ears and mouth; even his eye sockets are seeping with a gentle, airy mist.

(Log: Rosiel: echo player sirus The special eye suddenly stops reading - the golden glows disappear, leaving just the people before you. Your head aches, like the worst migraine imagineable to a human being, but you no longer feel the compulsion to do anything.)

After a sheepish, almost shy smile - of all emotions to be feeling in their current circumstances - cast toward the monk at his complimentary statement, she moves up to the height of the staircase and out the door into the ground floor beside him. The blonde's voice suddenly pierces through the lobby chamber, higher pitched than usual. She appears coming out of the doorway "..Sirus..?" Her hand moves for the monk's arm as though aiming to stop him running toward the punk but misses grabbing him entirely. Instead she runs after him, stopping to the left of his shoulder. She seems quite beyond words; the entire situation is a little too much. Her eyes dart from the gun in Deacon's hands to the target in front of it, then from the monk to Sirus again. "Stop," she says at once, quiet to start. The next phrase is louder: "Stop it! He's not himself! Lets just run, we can just outrun him!"

Everybody in the room hears the calming sound of the elevator's dull electric bell announcing that it has begun moving, except for Hailey. Even the old-fashioned back-lit half-circle over the top of the elevator doors suddenly blinks on, glowing dim and yellow. The iron hand moves from 13 to 12, 12 to 11, 11 to 10, and so on in that fashion. Out front Minamoto and Deacon spy a row of figures, obscured by the darkness of the night on the curb. They stand silent and still, vigilantly directed toward the shattered glass doors of the building. None are moving. The fires from the basement have risen up the stairwell, licking at the corners of the door.

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans looks at the monk and looks very worried."My eye is back to normal and who the fuck are you. Please don't hurt me mister I'm free and I'm back to myself." He seems to be in near panic."I finaly get to be me again and you are going to kill me what in god's glorious name did I fucking do wrong in my life to get all of this fucking shit." He sighs and reaches in his pocket to take out a lucky strike and al ighter he lights it and watches them."Can I get one last smoek as a free man before you off me please."

The second the elevator sounds Deacon lowers the gun to his side and turns toward the sound. His brow knits and within a second the glowing light on the floor-changing dial dies out and the elevator ceases to descend. He turns then, as if to leave the place, unfortunately that particular escape is blocked by the silent, motionless figures. "We're going to have to run. We can't fight them… no point in trying."

(Log: Rosiel: echo player minamoto The seven figures are magical in a sense, and they /are/ alive. Their energy is very systematic and gridlike - it doesn't flow, it sits stagnant and still in particular, geometric patterns.)

The monk stops abruptly as he notices the figures outside. His hate filled eyes fall upon Sirus for but a moment. "I will have to deal with you later." His gaze then falls back to the group outside. His hands jut out to his sides, palms facing outwards and his fingers pointing up. His eyes close. Then his arms come in quickly to his center mass. His right hand just above the other. His index fingers are the only ones left pointing upward as the others have curled into an almost fist like pattern. His thumbs point towards himself. His eyes quickly open again. "We need to run, and now."

When the elevator stops moving the blonde turns her back to it, whirling back toward Sirus and thus the shattered doors. She notices the figures standing there only because Deacon and Kiyoshi have brought attention to them, and she mouths a series of curses a sailor might blush to hear. She looks very much like she is considering running - she even nods to both that suggested that course of action, and starts taking off toward the employee exit on the far end of the building (where they had all entered to begin with). As she gets close to the door her steps begin to slow, and she turns around with her cheap little pen clutched in her fingers. She shoves up the sleeve of her left arm and writes wildly onto the skin, scribbling and making jotting lines that hardly count as real words; she then looks up, and an almighty creak shakes the building's foundation fron below. "…Okay… /now/ we have to go…" she states quickly, "Now. Like /right now/. The building is coming down. It worked - it seriously fucking worked." The pen is thrown forcibly off to the side as the entire front half of the skyscraper begins to crumble; pieces of plaster and concrete fall from the ceiling in dust and chunks, and the face of the building topples in the direction of the street, crushing those standing in front of it. Hailey turns around, saying a final "Come on!" and bolts through the employee door.

The silent figures out front hardly have a chance to react before the skyscraper collapses onto them. They had turned to flee, even to leap through the broken glass doors, but it was entirely too late. All are buried in the rubble that seems to keep piling. The building does not stop collapsing with the front half, however. When fifty percent of the foundation goes, so does entirety. The floors above begin to collapse upon themselves, sliding forward and raining down cement blocks, rebar and even the occasional piece of furniture from the upper stories. All but Alaric manage to evade the falling debris; a chunk of ceiling falls into his chest, knocking and pinning him to the floor a mere five feet from the employee exit. As the upper floors collapse brief glimpses of strange creatures - robotic in nature - are visible to Minamoto and Deacon trying to swim through the falling building to access the fleeing Magi (and Sirus).

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans runs with Hailey and smiels at her gently."You were right it's over and done. My eye is turned off I'm me again. You and them fixed it you didn't lie to me. They forced me to come here and attack you guys. I was able to fight for some control and now there is no nagging voice in the back of my head. There is also no more eye shit and no more seeing the glowing crap. I'm human again thank you so much." He keeps on running with her and when she stops if she does he stays with her knowing that she is his ticket to life that the mad monk may want to kill him for some unkown reason."Is that the damn man the monk that wants to kill me for helping them or some shit liek that."

When Alaric is struck by the cement block Deacon immediately halts and turns back. "Keep running, don't stop!" He yells at everyone else before lunging at the concrete block upon the pale man. He heaves it aside, ignoring the debris falling around him which coincidentally miss him every time. Seeing that Alaric is not conscious he grabs him up about the chest and begins to drag him at a good speed toward the exit.

The monk watches as the man runs towards Alaric, and does the same. Grabbing the other side of him, the monk helps carry the man as best he can out of the building with as much speed as the two can carry the man.

Once the order comes from Deacon to keep on going, the blonde girl takes off at a speed she is usually incapable of. She gets out the door of the building and holds it open from the outside, staying there until everybody is out, including the pair carrying Alaric. With everybody out she continues to run after slamming the door shut - pointlessly - behind the last person out.

A thin man with long, black hair and drawing grey eyes arrives from a puff of smoke.

The skyscraper falls forward onto the street, collapsing into Elysian Fields and narrowly missing the building directly across from it; due to the structure's old frame, it crumbles and loses most of its height before it can harm surrounding complexes. From the air Dominic spies four figures bolting from the rear of the building moments before it entirely falls to dust and debris, leaving a smoldering pile of rubble where it stood. The figures are all running.

A strange blotch of black circles the crumbling skyscraper like a streak of ink being smeared on the lens of a camera. When the survivors become visible escaping the wreckage the streak of dark dives downward at dramatic speed, coming closer and closer until, with a sudden bellow of wind, it lands directly behind them. The being is tall, towering even, over eight feet and utterly alien. It seems to be made from the very substance of the night sky, complete with the faintest dusting of light, like a galaxy behind indigo clouds. Two bright spots sit forth upon its head, each one glowing blue-white, the brightest stars on the night canvas that is the being. Huge beating wings spread out from its back in the shape of black birds winds, yet somehow intangible, like shadow. It says nothing, but it turns its back to those fleeing the collpased building, its 'eyes' facing the rubble like some kind of guardian.

A young man with a black shirt with a red middle finger on it and black jeans keeps running next to Hailey scared out of his mind of the monk and the other people. He keeps up with her worried they are going to hurt him. He then when he feels he can sneak off into the shadows breaks off and runs towards his actually house hoping it is safe for him.

Deacon, with the help of Minamoto, drags Alaric clear of the building. When the strange thing from the sky lands behind him he turns his head. His eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. He turns with alarming speed and drags the unconscious Alaric with him. One hand dips into his pocket to withdraw his phone, which he presses to his ear. "Pick up!" He exclaims, heading as fast as possible toward the road.

The monk runs along with Deacon, Alaric in arms. He glances quickly behind seeing the beast from above land, and quickens his pace to match Deacon's. He then looks to Deacon as they run, and then back forward to make sure he does not trip up. "I can help him if we can get somewhere away from prying eyes." He follows them where ever they may go.

Though everybody else keeps running for some unknown reason, the super perceptive Hailey stops when her lungs can no longer contain the strain - this is literally a lot or two away. She watches the others run with a look of mild confusion on her face, then waves awkwardly to their backs, knowing they won't see it but seeming to find the gesture necessary regardless. "Man… those guys are in /shape/…" she mutters to herself as she looks into her surroundings, on edge from the obvious tension the evening brought, not to mention the smoldering remains of a skyscraper two lots behind her. Unsure of what to do next, she just sort of stands there, dazed and blank-faced.