Guide To Running Combat

Combat Summary


  • Inquire for any burns to spend Rage for extra actions prior to rolling initiative. Keep track of extra rounds.

Stage One: Initiative

  • The Storyteller rolls initiative for the room by typing "pdice init". Declare actions in the descending numerical order, including multiple actions, activation of powers or Willpower use. The character with the highest initiative attempts her action first. You may yield your turn until later in the initiative queue. With a successful Willpower roll or the expenditure of a Willpower point, your character can defend against an attack in exchange for her normal action. This defensive action takes place at the same time as the attack, no matter when your established initiative falls.

Stage Two: Attack

Stage Three: Resolution

  • The Storyteller determines the damage inflicted by attacks, based on weapon type or maneuver, adding any extra dice gained from successes on the attack roll to the damage dice pool.
  • Targets may attempt to soak damage, if possible.
  • The Storyteller describes the attack and wounding in narrative terms, using the rpose command.