Garou Battle Scars

A critically wounded Garou can attempt to channel her Rage to resuscitate her and activate her regenerative powers. This recovery attempt may be made only once. The player must make a Rage roll (difficulty 8). Each success heals one Health Level, even a Health Level inflicted by aggravated wounds. If she rises above Incapacitated this way, she is back in action. If she fails the roll, she does not recover. If successful, however, she must not only check for frenzy, but must roll on the Battle Scars Chart, adding one extra die to the roll.

A battle scar is a permanent injury or disfigurement received through grievous wounding. Normally, one die is used to make the roll, but certain actions can change this, such as when making a Rage roll to recover from critical wounds (roll two dice). For particularly severe injuries, the Storyteller can add even more dice to the roll. Also, certain events can modify the roll, adding to the result. Radiation, biotoxins, etc., can add +10 on the chart.

Each time a character gains a battle scar, he receives one temporary Glory point. Garou respect those who have proved their courage in battle. If the scar is ever healed in any way, the character automatically loses two temporary Glory points.

Result Effect
1-3 Superficial Scars: Several large scars crisscross your body; these remain hairless when you are in wolf form. In some circumstances these scars cause you to subtract one point from Appearance.
4-5 Deep Scar: You suffer the effects of Superficial Scars, above; additionally, your muscles and joints are affected. Such a scar hurts when the weather is about to change or is very humid.
6-7 Improper Bone Setting: One of your limbs was broken, was not properly reset, and has healed off kilter. The next time you are Incapacitated, this limb will snap again; such a fracture is considered aggravated damage.
8 Skull Head: The side of your head was bashed in; even after it heals, the skull can be seen. Reduce your Manipulation by two when dealing with humans (unless you wear a hat).
9 Broken Jaw: Your jaw and tongue were severely misaligned, to the point that it is hard to understand you. Your speech is slurred (roleplay this out); additionally, the difficulties of all rolls involving communication are increased by two.
10 Missing Eye: One of your eyes was gouged out. The difficulties of all rolls involving missile weapons or depth perception are increased by three, and the difficulties of Perception rolls involving sight are increased by two.
11 Ahem…: Because, extensive injuries, you are, if male, unable to sire children, and both your Charisma and Manipulation are reduced by one when you speak aloud. You cannot seduce others but are hereafter immune to seduction.
12-14 Collapsed Lung: Your lung was punctured in battle, rendering it difficult for you to breathe. Subtract two dice from your effective Stamina dice pool for all rolls involving endurance. Moreover, after more than five turns of exertion, you automatically lose an additional die.
15-17 Missing Fingers: One of your hands has lost several fingers; the difficulties of all Dexterity rolls involving that hand are increased by three, and claw damage from that hand is reduced by half.
18-20 Maimed Arm: One of your arms was severely wounded; you are no longer able to use it for any purpose whatsoever. You move at three-fourths normal speed in Hispo or Lupus form, and may not gain the bonus for quadrupedal movement in Crinos form.
21-23 Damaged Legs: You walk with a limp and move at half normal speed regardless of form.
24-27 Spinal Damage: Your spine was fractured, and you have lost a measure of motor control; reduce your Dexterity by one, and you must spend Willpower to perform actions requiring balance, precision or stillness.
28-30 Brain Damage: You lose a point of Intelligence, Perception or Wits (Storyteller's option), as well as one 10-sided die's worth of points from Gnosis, Willpower and/or Knowledges (players choice of where the points are lost). You may well be partially amnesiac.