Classing FAQ

Q) How many characters can I have?
A) Players and Storytellers may have up to 3 characters. However, keep in mind—especially as a player new to either the online setting or the WoD in general—that having multiple characters can sometimes dilute the intensity of the theme. It is recommended, though not required, that you apply for just one character at a time, and take some time to get into that character before applying for another.

Q) How long does it take to get classed?
A) It depends, though typically we strive for a 24 hour classing time. Applying for a straightforward concept (one that lacks rare elements) will aid in speeding up your approval and classing. Making sure that your application is submitted using our site template, as will having a clear, concisely-written background story speeds the process as well. Approval, with these considerations, can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple days.

Q) I’ve been told my concept needs to be revised, now what?
A) The Storytellers will either message you in-game or send you a Private Message letting you know what issues need to be addressed. The key to getting your revised application approved is to follow the advice of the Storytellers and communicate. The Storytellers are here to make sure—among other things—that concepts are thematically appropriate and mechanically sound. They are not present to make your life difficult, so please take their advice into consideration and be respectful. Being polite will aid immensely in ensuring that you get the help you need to be classed as soon as possible.

Q) I’ve been told my concept was denied. What gives?
A) One of the Storytellers duties is to make sure that concepts are thematically appropriate, mechanically sound, and are not too similar to other concepts already in the game. If your concept has been denied, there’s no need to worry. Sometimes a concept simply doesn’t fit with our take on our features Spheres. Feel free to ask for advice on what would be a better idea, as the Storytellers are very willing to help players find an enjoyable concept that fits within our interpretation of the World of Darkness.

Q) What do Storytellers look for in an application?
A) There are a variety of things that Storytellers look for in an application. Having attributes and abilities that are synergistic with the character concept and background is paramount. If you are a travelling minstrel who loves to woo women and enjoys witty, verbal sparring, it really doesn’t make sense to have high physical and combat abilities. The same applies to Merits, Flaws, Backgrounds, and class-specific characteristics such as Lores. It is very obvious when a person has written a background story that struggles to explain the statistics that they selected. Remember that a character is more than just dots and points.