Chuck "Chuckles" Easton


"He fixed my old Atari in twenty five mintues at age 10." His daddy.

The laptop

The kid


The Job
He owns his own toy store and makes things for anyone that wonders in with a good enough idea.

Age-25 but looks 17
Hobby-Dressing like a freak might be that
Love life=null
Heroes-Sir Issac Newton, Einstein,galileo,Nikola Tesla

What I look like most days-
A young man standing at 5'8 with long blond hair that seems to go any which way. It seems like if you put a brush it the brush would break. is unshaven face can't ever grew a beard a look a day over 17 in a pinch. He seems to be in movement all the time not sitting still for more then a second or two before darting this way or that like a ferret on crack. His smile never seems to leave his face and he seems to be one of those good mood bastards. Under this mismatched hair is blue eyes that sparkle like tiny diamonds of energy. A smile never seems to be far from the face of this boy.

What I wear most days-
White gloves with runes painted into the sides are worn on his hands.
On his head is a Top hat half black and white. Black googles with oversized
blue lens are worn about his neck. Black and red waist coat with a
black silk hanky in the breast pockwe is worn over his naked chest . He is
wearing black pants made out of a very soft looking material and it has a
chain that is very intricate and leading into his pocket on his legs. He
wears riding boots with runes carved into the side as footwear.
Cane made out of ivory with a dragon on the top is held in one hand. A
working clock shaped like a pocket watch with a leather belt behind it.
Fits snugly around his waist.

Tatts-Maybe someday

Theme song-Weird Science by Oingo boingo