Legacies represent how a Changeling truly sees the world, and then acts upon it. All Changelings must take a Seelie and an Unseelie legacy, representing the time when Changelings would periodically switch between the Seelie and Unseelie courts on a regular basis.

The legacy that you show to the world is dependent on your court membership, which can change primarily due to circumstances beyond your control. The two legacies can be similar, or dissimilar, the choice is up to the player.
Each legacy has a Quest and a Ban which must be fulfilled in order to prevent a change of court affiliation and attitude, as well as to maintain comfort and a clear conscience.

  • Arcadian: Quest – learn new things about your fae self. Ban – never stay in your mortal seeming for very long.
  • Aspirant: Quest – overcome all obstacles. Ban – never ignore a learning opportunity.
  • Bumpkin: Quest – find practical solutions to your problems. Ban – solve your problems with common sense.
  • Comrade: Quest – risk your own interest for a friend. Ban – never break up a friendship.
  • Courtier: Quest – bring peace and harmony to your group. Ban – never purposefully piss anyone off.
  • Crafter: Quest – leave something better than you find it through hard work. Ban – never leave anything without improving it.
  • Dandy: Quest – succeed at being promoted or strengthening your position. Ban – never pass up an opportunity to make friends with people above you.
  • Gadfly: Quest – win arguments with people in power. Ban – never let anyone else have the last word.
  • Hermit: Quest – use inner reflection to solve problems. Ban – never speak unless you must to prevent danger.
  • Humanist: Quest – put human issues above everything else. Ban – stay out of the dreaming and in human form at all costs.
  • Knight: Quest – follow your code even if it puts you into danger. Ban – never behave in ways unbecoming of a knight.
  • Orchid: Quest – escape dangerous situations with your innocence and well-being intact. Ban – never trust a stranger and never reveal yourself to anyone.
  • Paladin: Quest – overcome truly challenging situations. Ban – never turn down a fair challenge.
  • Panderer: Quest – make people happy without taking credit. Ban – never knowingly do anything to make someone else unhappy.
  • Philanthropist: Quest – make positive changes in people’s lives. Ban – never accept payment for your generosity, never harm innocents deliberately.
  • Pishogue: Quest – avoid truths that hurt. Ban – never take anything too seriously.
  • Prankster: Quest – make your pranks artful. Ban – never verbally apologize for any prank.
  • Regent: Quest – resolve situations with your own leadership skills. Ban – always follow your own rules.
  • Sage: Quest – give advice and make sure people follow it to success. Ban – never stand in anyone’s personal path.
  • Saint: Quest – ease the suffering of others, protect others. Ban – never cause distress, regardless of it was intention.
  • Squire: Quest – support accomplishment, but take no credit. Ban – never undermine or contradict your heroes / companion in charge.
  • Stoic: Quest – never loose your cool in overemotional situations. Ban – never let your emotions rule you.
  • Troubadour: Quest – complete all your tasks for a higher ideal. Ban – never hide feelings of love or affection for others.
  • Virtuoso: Quest – achieve or learn things to help master your field. Ban – never focus on things outside your field for too long.
  • Wayfarer: Quest – survive life-threatening situations with your own cleverness. Ban – never plan for the future.